Pass the Wine (Lace Dress)

Maroon Lace Dress for Christmas - Shades of Sarah (2)Hard to believe, but the time for holiday parties is here! I don’t have any fancy soirees to go to (yet), but that didn’t stop me from dressing up with some of my PHLblogger girls, Melissa and Kendall. I love how different all of our party dresses are, but you couldn’t stop us from wearing black tights and suede booties.

Maroon Lace Dress for Christmas - Shades of Sarah (3)
Maroon Lace Dress for Christmas - Shades of Sarah (5)I winterized my fall wedding outfit: my maroon lace dress from Clothes Mentor plus a leather jacket. The lace is luxe and maroon color is festive, but a little different from classic holiday red. To polish it off, I added a matching wine lipstick (because I’m obsessed) and, of course, statement earrings because a little sparkle never hurt no one.

Maroon Lace Dress for Christmas - Shades of SarahWhen picking out a dress, I didn’t hesitate to go sleeveless. Between the crowds and the heat blasting, parties this time of the year can be really warm. So don’t limit yourself! Just add a layer (my leather jacket has been a game changer)… and probably a coat on top of that! It’s starting to feel like winter here in Philadelphia, but I don’t mind too much yet. Rittenhouse Square (where we met before brunch at Bluestone Lane) is looking especially festive — how pretty is their tree? I still have to go to the Christmas Village (which moved to the City Hall courtyard this season), another one of my favorite Philly traditions.

Don’t forget to see Kendall and Melissa‘s party dresses! And thank you again to Julia, fellow blogger and our fearless photographer!

~ Sarah

Dress: LOFT c/o Clothes Mentor
Leather Jacket: c/o Clothes Mentor
Ankle Boots: Kohl’s
Earrings: My mom’s
Lips: e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Matte Color in wine

See Ya, Winter

Uniqlo Down Coat | Shades of Sarah

It’s the first day of spring! It’s also the last day (I hope) it snows till Christmas time. Meaning it’s probably the last day I can share my favorite winter purchase (seriously): this down coat from Uniqlo. I have a few longer peacoats, but finally buying a long down coat made a huge difference in my comfort level on those really cold days. See also: these print Sorel boots. Thanks for keeping my feet warm and dry. I hope to not see either of you for at least another 9 months.

Sorel Boots | Shades of Sarah

Spring, I am ready for you!

~ Sarah


Red Knit Poncho with Jeans | Shades of Sarah

Welcome to the first outfit post of 2016! To be quite honest, I don’t think I would’ve ever picked out this poncho (and in red!) for myself…but that’s one of the best parts about Christmas gifts! So I was surprised when I liked this present from my aunt so much. It’s so comfy!

Red Knit Poncho with Jeans | Shades of Sarah

As someone who doesn’t play with texture in my clothing too much, this is a nice statement piece that adds variety. But my favorite thing about my poncho so far? It’s food baby foolproof. Both days I’ve worn it, I knew I was going to eat a lot. Which is exactly what we did before and after Chrystina took these pictures (Menagerie Coffee for bagels and blogging and Tea-Do for bubble tea, because obviously…and Cheesecake Factory after that).

Red Knit Poncho | Shades of Sarah

Is opting for a poncho instead of a light coat adventurous enough that I can keep the rest of my outfit basic? Because that’s what I’ve been doing so far, just jeans and a top. I do think my earpins are a subtly cool touch (my mom and I each bought a pair the last day of the Christmas market from Eardivine.)

Red Knit Poncho | Shades of Sarah

Anyone else trying the poncho trend? How do I step my game up?

~ Sarah

P.S. Thanks again for the snaps, Chrystina!
Poncho: Gift (similar)
Sweater: Target (similar)
Jeans: Uniqlo
Boots: Kohl’s (similar)
Tote: Nordstrom
Earpins: EarDivine (in onyx)
Ring: Smak Parlour (similar)