Sarah Goes to Washington

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting friends from home in Washington, D.C. It may not be a metropolis in the way New York or London may be, but I still think D.C. makes for a lovely capital in its own right. I was there for little more than a day, but it was still a great trip. On Friday evening, I took a bus from New York and arrived in Washington kind of late. My friends and I just ended up grabbing burgers and hanging out around the American University area.

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, perfect for exploring the city. Our first stop was Eastern Market, which includes a farmers’ market and a flea market. Not too many things in my budget caught my eye, but I did buy some pretty black pearl studs.

After spending a couple hours there, we grabbed a quick lunch at Seventh Hill. I admit, I did decide to eat there because they were playing the UMiami-Clemson game, but luckily our sandwiches were delicious!


Then we headed out towards the Capitol, because I had never seen many of the buildings in that area. I love the architecture in D.C.

The Thomas Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress.
At the Capitol.
The Supreme Court
"Equal Justice Under Law"
Washington Monument
Promise my shirt didn't look this strange in real life.

After our busy afternoon, we headed back to the AU campus (where my friends go to school and I was staying) until dinner. Then we hit up the Cheesecake Factory for some four cheese pasta and red velvet cake. Then we continued our touristy adventures by going to see some more monuments at night.

Is D.C. gorgeous or what? I think it’s a wonderful city. Have you guys ever been there? What’s your favorite thing about it?

~ Sarah

Goodie Bag

My goodies from Colombia!

This week, my mom returned from a short trip to her native Colombia. It’s always great when she comes back home. Even when I was kid, I’d love to sit with her and watch her unpack her suitcase, telling stories and uncovering gifts from our far-away family. Even the dingiest hand-me-down seemed like a small treasure. Another highlight of my mom coming back home? Definitely the candy!


These are basically your typical, chewy mints with a hard coating. I was actually pretty disappointed though because I have a soft spot for the extra-chewy Snow Mints. Bummer, but these mints are still yummy.


These are kind of like those toffee candies- but with coconut. And I’m definitely one of those weird people that love coconut.


Frunas are a classic Colombian candy. They’re very similar to Starburst but probably not as juicy. Still a family favorite. (And what happened to the pink ones?? This package only came with yellow, green, and orange. What’s up with that?)


Marshmallows. But so much better. They taste great, and are colorful and fun to play with. (Or is that last part just me?) Fluffy goodness.

Chocolatinas Jets

Another ubiquitous candy. Pretty similar to Hershey’s. I’m not really a chocolate person, but these were cool because in the wrapper came small pictures of all these really cool, obscure animals. What more could a kid want?


Fruity, gum-flavored candy. And each piece comes in rainbows!! One of my favorites.

Gelatina de Pata

I practically grew up munching on gelatina de pata during my summers in Colombia. It’s delicious. I won’t explain to you what it is exactly… but it is delicious. For real.


Arequipe. Dulce de leche. Caramel. Whatever you call it, this stuff is good. Especially with obleas, which are kind of wafer thing. So good, and so messy. And now I’m really craving a spoonful of some arequipe.

Bocadillos de Guayaba

Bocadillo usually means sandwich for Latinos, but Colombians are weird, and for us it means guava paste or cubes or whatever. Bocadillos are actually sold in a lot grocery stores in South Florida (gracias a La Cubanita) but nothing beats the real thing. Especially covered in sugar. And served with cheese.

So much food! My mom outdid herself this time. (Although I should’ve asked for bons bons– what was I thinking?) What are your favorite candies, American or foreign? Let me know in the comments!

Happy eating!

~ Sarah