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Short but sweet this week!

The big story this week? Michael Sam, a potential NFL draft pick, came out as gay. (And we’re one step closer to this not being a story at all one day.)

Interesting: despite the push for growth in the American textile industry, up-and-coming designers are learning local manufacturing is difficult to support.

From R29, this lovely piece on the “Gilmore Girls” score made me nostalgic for Stars Hollow.

Before you spend your Valentine’s Day with Frank Underwood, catch up with the actress who plays Zoe Barnes in this New York Magazine profile.

Want to feel old? Mean Girls‘ tenth anniversary is this year. Want to cheer up? The director spilled to Vulture 10 behind the scenes secrets.

~ Sarah

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A little of sports, entertainment, fashion and more…start the week with some good reads.

Northeast Philly Sunset

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Something I really should’ve shared last weekend, when the Patriots actually won: the feel-good story of rookie Kenbrell Thompkins (well-done by The Boston Globe).

The Washington Post takes a closer look at how Joanna Coles, EIC of Cosmo, is making the blockbuster magazine a little bit more serious.

Interesting development: high Twitter rates during television shows don’t necessarily correlate to high ratings. [via Variety]

Gravity, which has won the U.S. domestic box office three weeks in a row, kicked off awards season. (You can read my review here.) The movie though, is revealing a less-than-stellar Best Actress race.

Ok, I’ll admit it: I’ve never seen Into The Woods. But with this cast, I’ll definitely be seeing it in theaters — take a look at Meryl Streep as the Witch. [via EW]

Pretty cool: shoe designer Christian Louboutin is debuting “nude” shoes that suit a wider variety of skin tones, finally! Can’t wait to see this hit fast fashion/mass market retailers. [via Jezebel]

An oldie but a goodie: Buzzfeed explains what it’s like wearing glasses. (Accurate.)

The New York Times explores four square blocks of Old City, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

I love libraries — Huff Post takes us to some of the most beautiful bibliotecas in the world.

And just because it’s Amy Poehler and beautifully written: the comedian in The New Yorker on her first summer job.

Also, a digital congratulations to one of my very best friends who got ENGAGED over the weekend! I was so excited barely slept!

Fashion Inspiration: ‘Nashville’


Tonight is the season premiere of one of my favorite shows, Nashville, and I am too excited. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Nashville is a drama centered around the Music City. It stars Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights, and it’s as much about country music as FNL was about football — which is to say, not so much but that’s what frames the drama. This show has everything though: strong and talented women, attractive and passionate men, soapy drama and great fashion.

It may seem unlikely, but week after week, I was inspired by the stylistic choices of Scarlett O’Connor, an aspiring songwriter portrayed by Clare Bowen. Sure, her style is a little frumpy, and there were definitely a few head-scratching sartorial choices — but Scarlett’s style is also bohemian and feminine and, perhaps most importantly, cozy-looking. Here’s how to get the look yourself:

Fashion Inspiration: Nashville's Scarlett

Belted Dress – JC Penney; Cardigan – Kohl’s; Combat Boots – Charlotte Russe; Charm Necklace – Dillard’s; Crossbody Bag – Tilly’s.

We rarely (if ever) see Scarlett not in lace, so the centerpiece here is an ivory lace dress — this one has a head start on another Scarlett trademark, since it comes belted. She also favors long, drape-y cardigans for layering, so this oatmeal-colored open-front cardigan is a great (affordable) choice. Another essential? Boots. Scarlett tends to pick pieces in rich brown shades (as opposed to black), so these combat boots are a great choice. The floral lining is especially fitting since that’s Scarlett’s favorite pattern. Accessorize with a long pendant necklace (or several) and grab a floral-print crossbody for convenience.

Do you watch Nashville? What do you think of Scarlett’s style? Share in the comments!

~ Sarah