Snapchats: Seattle

Remember that time I headed out to the West Coast? Well, I totally have failed at recapping it in a timely manner, but I’m back because I don’t want to forget all the cool things I saw… and the good food I ate. Next up, my Seattle snaps. (See my Vancouver snaps here.)

Seattle from the water tower at Volunteer Park.
View of Seattle from the ferry to Bainbridge Island.
Arriving at Bainbridge Island.
The Fremont Troll.
Classic Seattle stop.
Walking through Seattle’s historic district.
Spontaneous Mariners game.
A Raspberry Riot at Mighty-O Donuts. So good.

Look for a full Seattle recap coming soon!

~ Sarah

Snapchats: Canada

Here’s the thing: I love using Snapchat as a way to document my everyday life, but I have no interest in using it as a blogging tool. It’s totally cool if you do, but I can only worry about my “personal brand” so much. (Not that I’m necessarily inauthentic with what I post on other media, but I’m more deliberate about it.) Anyway, this is a long winded way of saying I love Snapchat, won’t be asking you to follow me on there, and I’m obsessed with their geofilters. It’s like your own little postcards! So before I do a full-blown Vancouver recap, I thought I’d share some of my snaps:

1) Fly to Toronto 2) Grab Tim Horton’s.
Mmm, miso soup.
Walking the Seawall.
Sea lion at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Exploring the Gastown neighborhood.
Casual Orca statue. Took me several tries to get the filter and statue to line up.

~ Sarah