Well, hello summer! The last few weeks have been crazy, but in a good way!

In June I started a new job! I work from home now and write for luxury marketing publication, Luxury Daily. The subject matter is super interesting, and it’s fulfilling to finally be using my journalism degree. I have a lot to learn, which is exciting, but everyday I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

June also marked eight years since I started Shades of Sarah. This space has gone through a few evolutions and more than a few hiatuses over the last few years, but we’re still here. It’s crazy how many things have changed since I first signed up for a WordPress account. I had just finished my freshman year at Fordham, and now I’ve lived in Philly for half a decade. I’ve moved, changed jobs, made new friends, adopted dogs and this blog has been a constant. My blog is one of the first things people ask me about when I haven’t seen them in awhile, and it’s nice to have something I do just for me. Of course, I do appreciate anyone who has ever read my blog over the years! You guys are the ones who encourage me and make it more fun.

Anyway, onto the outfit! Summer in Philly is my favorite — there is so much to do and the whole city comes alive. It also gets hot, so I need to get creative with my wardrobe. This outfit felt very me, so I thought it was perfect to mark my 8 year anniversary! The crochet crop top and the earrings are a little bohemian, but the polka dot skirt is feminine and classic. The glitter sandals? They’re just fun, and comfortable enough that I can walk in them for blocks.

Oh! And I almost forgot about the sunglasses. I love them, and I love the trendy vibe they add to my outfits. Also, it’s always important to protect your eyes from the sun!! (Anyone else notice the guys on Queer Eye never wear sunglasses? It drives me crazy!)

Anyone else have a summer outfit that feels very them? I want to hear about it!

~ Sarah
Crop Top: Forever 21 (similar)
Skirt: Dress altered to be a skirt (similar)
Bag: Thrifted (similar)
Sandals: Target (similar)
Sunglasses: Foster Grant (similar)

Know Me Like The Summer

How to wear a corduroy skirt in summer | Shades of Sarah
How to wear a corduroy skirt in summer | Shades of Sarah
How to wear a corduroy skirt in summer | Shades of SarahLet me tell you about the only unicorn I believe in: the perfect 70 degrees and sunny summer day. It’s important to take advantage of these rare days, so do as I do: eat brunch outside with your dog and wear your corduroy button skirt.

I received this skirt from Tobi in the fall, and knew it’d be the perfect cold weather skirt. It’s super cute with a long cardigan or with tights and ankle boots. Even in skirt form, corduroy isn’t that wearable in the summer (hello, humidity), so it’s best to keep it simple: a red tank with lace trim makes the black pop. Flats and a woven bag in contrasting prints keep it from being too basic.

Not every item of clothing is going to work for all four seasons, but it’s fun to try to make it work.

~ Sarah

Tank: Kohl’s (similar)
Skirt: c/o Tobi (similar)
Flats: Target (similar)
Bag: from Colombia


Eterna Primavera

How to Transition for Fall with a Plaid Skirt

You may thinking “hey Sarah, it’s September, why are you talking about spring and not fall?” Well first, I am firmly in the it’s-not-fall-til-it-feels-like-it camp (Philly has another heat wave going right now) and I just came back from my trip to Medellin, known as the city of the eternal spring. My mom says the city is way warmer now than it was when she was growing up, but it was nice to have sunshine without the humidity. I was even shivering at night!

I was spending too much time enjoying my trip to take outfit photos, so this was the only one that was snapped (on my mom’s phone, at that). This swingy, ’70s inspired skirt is proof that what goes around comes around in terms of fashion. My mom and I couldn’t remember when we bought it at Target, but it’s probably ~8 years old. Peasant skirts and similar styles went out of fashion for a bit, but I still held onto this one — the colors and the quality were too good. And what do you know? Similar looks are back in stores (I like this one from Old Navy).

Now that I’m reminiscing, I kind of wish we could skip ahead to spring. In the meantime, I’ll be rewearing and reworking this skirt come fall…whenever that gets here.

~ Sarah
Blouse: hand-me-down
Skirt: Target (similar)
Sunglasses: Target (similar)
Bag: Street Vendor
Sandals: TJ Maxx (my mom’s, similar)