Fashion Inspiration: Wizards of Waverly Place

Before I begin this post, I’d just like to thank you guys for all your feedback on my first Fashion Inspiration post. I’m actually really self-conscious about the stuff I post, so it was great getting lots of positive feedback! I hope you like my follow-up.


I’ll admit it: on occasion, I still watch Disney Channel. I’m not even part of their main demographics anymore, but I love Sonny with a Chance and of course, Wizards of Waverly Place. The show is about a family of wizards living in downtown Manhattan. (Does anyone else harbor a secret crush on David Henrie? Or is that just me?) Selena Gomez (who I kind of adore) plays Alex Russo, the spunky and sassy troublemaking witch. I think Alex is a fun character for kids because she’s a regular kid, and she’s a slacker, not Little Miss Perfect. Plus, she has a great sense of style.

There are many components to Alex’s outfits. Throughout the series, her fashion has evolved from kind of urban-punk to more polished but still fun and unique. Alex is a huge fan of color, and lots of it. Rarely do we see her wearing something monochromatic. Alex uses layers with ease and she mixes prints like a pro. She tends to wear skinny jeans or tights tucked into boots (where she hides her wands)- she’s not a ballet flat kind of girl. Alex also uses jewelry and accessories like scarves, belts, and vests to add more dimensions to her outfits. Basically, it’s nothing at all like what I wear, but I still love her clothing. So I tried to put together a few outfits that Alex would love (I hope)- colorful, wild, but wearable.

Outfit #1

Wizards of Waverly Place- Alex #1

Asian Print Henley- Lucky; Cami- Vanity; Vest- Forever 21 (Canada); Skinny Jeans- Coggles; Earrings- Amazon; Converse- Journeys.

I started this outfit with a great henley (you can take a closer look at the print here). I layered a black cami over it because a) it’s a neutral so it won’t look too busy and b) it makes the print pop even more. Someone who is more adventurous might try the flowy vest (which I love) instead, so I included that look as well. I added the earrings because Alex loves her accessories. The red converse complete the outfit with another pop of color

Outfit #2

Wizards of Waverly Place- Alex #2

Gray Henley-; NYC Heart Tank- Deliah’s; Skinny Jeans- Deliah’s; Crochet Beret- Forever 21; Suede Boots- Amazon.

Not only does Alex love skinnies, she often goes for colored bottoms. Maybe it’s the artist in her. I picked these deep yellow jeans because the color is similar to theĀ gold glitter heart featured in the tank top. The gray henley works under the New York tank because it adds layers without adding a competing color or print. For the boots, I picked this colorful, slouchy pair- you need confidence to wear them, so they definitely give off a “cool kid” vibe. The beret adds an artsy, bohemian vibe.

Outfit #3

Wizards of Waverly Place- Alex #3

Fleece Hoodie- Old Navy; Dress- Forever 21; Pink Peace Sign Scarf- Buckle; Tights- Bella Deco; Boots- Deb Shops

Alex does have a girly side, so that’s why I picked a dress for the last look. The dress itself is pretty interesting- it’s a tank dress in a fun floral print with an imitation sweetheart neckline. (At least according to me.) I picked gray patterned tights and gray booties, to give the dress a tough but sweet spin. A pink print scarf and a purple hoodie add layers and color to complete the outfit.

So what do you think? Do you watch Wizards of Waverly Place? Did these outfits capture Alex’s look? Would you wear any of these looks? (I know I’m thinking of incorporating some of this into my back-to-school shopping.) Let me know in the comments!

~ Sarah

Fashion Inspiration: An Education


When I reviewed An Education last week, I quickly touched upon the movie’s costumes. Since the movie is set in 1961 London, the clothing is reflective of both 1950’s silhouettes and early mod styles. Jenny’s style in particular is fresh and feminine, and as she grows up and learns more about the world, her clothing becomes more sophisticated with richer textures and colors.

The movie’s wardrobe was chic and timeless, especially Jenny’s clothing. Her wardrobe was certainly an object of envy for me, so there’s no reason why young women can’t try to emulate it. That’s why I choose An Education as my first fashion inspiration post- Polyvore sets included!

Look #1: Schoolgirl Sass

As bright and cultured Jenny is, a big part of her identity is that of an English schoolgirl. The preppy uniform is a fashion staple, with its newest reinvention coming from Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf. That’s why pairing a crisp, white button-down with a matching skirt and blazer is no fashion breakthrough. Still, using Jenny’s look as a starting point, I tried to put a little spin on the classic schoolgirl uniform.

An Education- Schoolgirl Sass

Rope Headband- Forever 21 (Canada); Color Blocked Tank Dress- Target; Cardigan- All Saints; Purple Slim Tie- ASOS; Oxford Heels- Aerosoles.

This tank dress is a great alternative to Jenny’s button-down and long skirt, plus the mauve band mimics her red belt. The purple skinny tie adds another pop of color and can worn loosely for a casual look. You can also throw on a comfy gray cardigan. A rope headband is a stylish way to keep your hair off your face. Finally, add some oxford heels to complete the outfit.

Look #2: Bon Voyage


In one key part of An Education, Jenny and David travel to Paris. It’s a trip of a lifetime for her, as it would be for most seventeen-year olds. She does all sorts of fabulous things, all while looking gorgeous in a light purple print dress. It’s a classic look that’s perfect for spring and summer.

An Education- Paris

Dress- John Lewis Women; Sunglasses- Forever 21 (Canada); Flower Stud Earrings- Miss Selfridge; Peep Toe Pumps- ASOS; Gold Watch- Amazon; Locket- Forever 21 (Canada).

The focal point of the outfit is definitely the purple dress, and this one is actually pretty close to the real thing. I picked these cat-eye sunglasses in tortoise-shell which flatters more skin tones than Jenny’s black ones. I love the frames because they’re not extreme cat-eyes but aren’t the ubiquitous wayfarers either. The watch and locket are not overly glitzy, so they compliment the look. I chose the flower studs because they are girly, young, and fresh, and I felt that pearl earrings would be a little costume-y. The peep toe pumps in a creamy ivory have a cute vintage vibe, but don’t compete with the dress.

So what do you think? Did I capture Jenny’s style? Would you like to see more posts like this? Let me know in the comments!

~ Sarah