DNC Tees Under $25

Whoops, it’s  accidentally been a quiet month around here…it’s honestly been too hot to touch my computer after work, and I’ve been watching nonstop convention coverage. In case you’ve missed it on the news this week, my fair adopted city has been hosting the Democratic National Convention. I haven’t been in thick of it, but it’s exciting to see the press and delegates enjoy their visits here — especially after we hosted the Pope last year!

There’s been lots of cool events town with the DNC here, and the city seems to have a good relationship with the DNC. One of the more fashionable things that have come out of this partnership? These neat graphic tees designed by local artists.

DNC 2016 Graphic Tees Under $25

Shop: Duke & Winston Donkey Kick | Lisabeth Webers See Eat Vote | Duke & Winston Liberty Bell

My love for graphic tees is well-documented — I think they make awesome mementos! I haven’t bought one from the DNC just yet, but these are the final contenders. They’re quirky and support small businesses, plus they’re under $25 and made in America.

Any favorites? Have you been following the conventions?

~ Sarah

May Budget

May 2016 Budgeting Bloggers | Shades of Sarah
Forever 21 Hooded Utility Jacket (similar pictured), $42.90 $34.77 (10% off sale)
Duke & Winston Victory Brewing Tee, $32.00 $12.80 (50% off sale + extra 20% off)
Pixi Beauty Natural Brow Duo (in Deep Brunette), $16.00 $12.80 (20% off)
Pixi Beauty Summer Glow Palette, $28.00 $11.20 (50% off + extra 20% off)
Pixi Beauty Eye Bright Kit, $18.00 $14.40 (20% off)

Total Spent: $85.97
Total Saved:  $50.93 ($136.90 – $85.97)

So I thought I had done pretty decently this month until I realized I forgot to include my Pixi purchases! Oops. They got me good though, since I had some points that were expiring and it was their Friends and Family sale. I think I’ll review those purchases in a separate post if anyone is interested! (Not included in the above list is the Valentia clay mask that I received from BrandBacker, which you can read about here.)

As for my clothing purchases, the Victory Brewing Tee is a total novelty purchase and I don’t care. I’ve had my eyes on it for months, and then when I was ready to buy it was out of stock. Then D&W had another sale, with free shipping, and the tee was in stock so I did not hesitate. It’s still in the mail, but I think I’m going to love it.

I’ve needed a hooded jacket since I outgrew my old one (seen here), but had only purchased another cargo jacket. While it’s a great casual piece to alternate with my denim jacket, it was useless during all the rain we’ve had in May. Since we’re planning a trip to Seattle this summer (!!), I figured it was about time to restock. I’m really happy with it, but I’m definitely glad the rain has calmed down!

Anyone else have a mix of fun and practical purchases this month?

~ Sarah

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Pin(s) For the Win

Enamel Pins Under $15 | Shades of Sarah

Enamel Pins Under $15 | Shades of Sarah Enamel Pins Under $15 | Shades of Sarah Enamel Pins Under $15 | Shades of Sarah Enamel Pins Under $15 | Shades of Sarah Enamel Pins Under $15 | Shades of Sarah Enamel Pins Under $15 | Shades of Sarah

Shop: Mermaid | Pineapple | Rainbow | Good Vibes | Nope

I remember when I saw Nicole rock a couple quirky pins with a denim jacket, thinking it was so cute but also so not for me. It’s retro in an ’80s and ’90s sort of way, which doesn’t seem to suit me. Then last week I was placing an order on Think Geek and used a code for a free BB-8 pin, and well, I don’t want BB-8 to get lonely on my denim jacket! (Also, can you wear these pins any other way besides on a denim jacket?)

So it turns out these enamel pins are everywhere right now, and you can buy them at mass retailers or Etsy and other small shops. I think my favorite so far is the mermaid from Ann Shen — maybe I could do a whole fantasy vibe? Any ideas, let me know!

~ Sarah