In the Sun

I spent most of last week back in South Florida for Easter break, and while I intended to blog, I got caught up shopping with my mom, enjoying great Latin food and not doing any homework. It was great being home, but before I knew it I was back in the Bronx. Instead of being greeted by cold, gray skies though, I found my sunny campus completely in bloom.

Today was even better – it hit 80°, and the good kind where you can still tolerate being outside. It was wonderful. The occasion, of course, called for a dress.

Dress – Ross; Oxford Heels – Payless.

This certainly isn’t my most spring-y dress, but since I bought it last week (for just $8.99!), I couldn’t resist wearing it today. I kept it simple today by just adding my oxford heels. Yes, you read that right – I finally have in my possession the oxford heels I’ve been lusting over since September. NBD. Except it totally was, because not only did I find these “out of stock” shoes, but they were twelve dollars. A whole outfit for just over $20? Better believe it.

Like I said, I kept things simple, perfect for a day back from vacation. I barely even accessorized, except for small silver hoops. (I left my two favorite rings back home – bummer.) I can already tell this dress is going to be a favorite of mine. I love the that the stripes are cream and not white, the boatneck-esque collar, the buttons at the waist. It even has pockets! And while I know spring just kicked off, I’ll be able to wear the dress come autumn with colorful tights. Pretty exciting, I know.

And the shoes? A dream come true.

~ Sarah

P.S. Thanks for being my photographer, Christine!

Eat (Cheese)cake

My first-ever Junior’s cheesecake

I’ll be honest: one of the hardest parts about returning from spring break in San Diego was the weather. Back in California, the temperatures were in the 60s and the skies were almost always sunny. I come back to New York and what do I get? Rain. Snow. And the dreaded wintry mix. Yikes.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, having cheesecake in the city with the lovely Elle from Elle Enchanted certainly helps.

It was my first time doing a blogger meet-up, and I was so relieved to find Elle is as sweet and genuine as she comes across on her fashion and lifestyle blog. We met up at Grand Central Terminal on Wednesday, walked aimlessly around Midtown for a bit and then had some dessert. Afterwards, we walked a little bit more in the rain. Like the good fashion bloggers we are, we stopped at H & M on 5th Ave. We ended up buying matching necklaces (and for only $5!). Our meet-up was a nice change of pace from what has been a crazy first week back.

As for what I wore, I find it practical to have a comfortable and chic go-to outfit for bad weather. Now that I have a new trench coat, that’s gotten a lot easier. A cute printed umbrella helps too. Yay for leopard print!

Trench Coat – Old Navy; Leggings – unknown; Cross-body Bag – thrifted; Rainboots – JcPenny (Arizona); Umbrella – Totes; Dress – thrifted; Pashmina – street vendor; Skinny Belt – unknown; Watch – Jack’s World (Sharp).

I love polo dresses, and this one is a lovely plum color and has a fun texture. I still can’t get over how skinny belts completely change an outfit and give it shape. The pashmina and trench kept me warm, and my pink-trimmed rainboots and leopard umbrella kept things fun on such a dreary day. I’m pretty sure the cross-body bag (which I borrowed from my mom for the semester) is Goodwill perfection. I’ll have to give you all a better look of my watch, because I just love it. Just like I love this outfit.

What’s your go-to rainy day look?

☀ Sarah

I Hate Valentine’s Day

… okay, I guess that’s kind of a lie. My hatred towards this holiday has abated over the last couple of years, but it’s far from a favorite. It’s not because I’m single and bitter or whatever. It’s a lot of little things that bother me about Valentine’s Day. The candy, for example? Not the best. And the fact that people get so wound up and dread every year – why does a holiday create so much misery? This many people don’t hate Halloween or Christmas or, I don’t know, Passover. Valentine’s Day breeds stupidity like no other holiday – and that includes New Year’s Eve, because people do so many dumb things leading up to the 14th.

Then there’s the “romantic” gestures. I don’t find cheap red roses or boxes of chocolate very romantic. And who would want to go out to dinner at a restaurant so crowded you can’t even hear your date? There’s just so much pressure, and I would rather celebrate a relationship because I wanted to, not because society and Hallmark did. Not that it’s bad to celebrate love, but I don’t think it should be coerced; it should be encouraged every day. And yes, I am one of those lovey-dovey, overly-affectionate and huggy people that says “I love you” and “te amo” at the end of nearly every conversation with my loved ones, and means it.

Oh, and I also don’t like pink all that much. Eh, it’s okay. My personal Valentine’s Day tradition? Wearing black. That’s my way of being a sourpuss without insulting everyone. Or at least trying. But this year, since I was actually in a decent mood, I mixed up by wearing black and white striped shirt. Big step.

Shirt- Macy’s; Pendant- Black Market Minerals.

I was this close to wearing a pink lucite heart necklace, but that would’ve defeated the purpose, so I added my new favorite pendant. It’s hard to tell since it’s cat-eye, but it’s purple and awesome. Oh, and if I’ve depressed you too much about today, you should cheer up by reading this New York Times article about a snow queen finally marrying her king. So sweet – it’s not like love is dead or anything! Anyway, for my lovely readers, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day if that’s your sort of thing, and if not, happy Monday!

~ Sarah