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The oldest survivor of the Holocaust has died, and she leaves behind quite the legacy.


Long read alert: from Newsweek, an examination into how colleges handle their students’ mental health issues.


Time introduces us to the cinemagraph, the GIF’s more refined and complicated cousin.

From NPR, how diversity in media benefits Hollywood’s bottomline and, from a personal column in the Times, what it means to see a family onscreen that represents your own.

The Academy Awards are this Sunday (finally!!), so I totally enjoyed this analysis on the content in Oscar acceptance speeches. (Hint: Meryl gets thanked a lot.)


Helpful: how to dress warmly in the morning but cool in the afternoon. (I think this is a hint of spring!)

Adorable: the Milwaukee Brewers have let a stray dog join their team for spring training and the results are aww-worthy.

~ Sarah

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Happy Monday!


Looking to add to your reading list this year? Read up on these books before they become movies this year.

Watch out: these starlets may have been missing on the big screen last year, but they’re back in a big way. (Yay, more Emma Stone!)

Beauty & Fashion

Alicia from River City Chic breaks down the 5 jackets every girl needs.

As someone who wakes up at 5 a.m. on work days, I totally appreciate this early morning hair and makeup advice from College Fashion.


A group of nuns in upstate New York adopted a senior pit bull which is pretty much the sweetest thing I’ve read all week.

These world maps bring to light some interesting global trends, some good and not as good.

Not sure why this floating around now, but these flags made of food associated with each country is making me hungry (but not for hot dogs and mustard).

Although I’m an awful ice skater, I really enjoy trying it every now and then — turns out Philadelphia has a long history of ice skating, going back to colonial times.

Not Awesome

It turns out today’s low wage workers are better educated but, when adjusted for inflation, are making less than low wage workers forty years ago. What I thought was surprising is that the trend actually pre-dated the recession.

And finally, in very grim news, there was a deadly mall shooting in Maryland this weekend. The shooter and two victims were all under the age of 30, and investigators are still searching for a motive. Very sad.

~ Sarah

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Actor Paul Walker, the very private star of Hollywood’s ultra-successful Fast and Furious franchise, passed away this weekend. If you’re going to read one “in memoriam” piece about him, may I recommend this exploration of his different passions from EW.

Gothamist takes a look at what it’ll take for the South Bronx to gentrify.

A new book studies children who believe they have been reincarnated — freaky to say the least.

Pop Culture

My love for Love Actually has been documented here before so of course I loved this Buzzfeed “which character are you?” quiz.

If you haven’t read Joe Jonas’ “open letter” (more like rant) to NY Mag, you’re missing out.

The Hunger Games (spoilers)

A super-interesting take from NPR on the Katniss-Peeta relationship.

Related: I loved this hysterical roundup of all the times Peeta messes up in Catching Fire (thanks, Vulture).

And I know Jennifer Lawrence is the Oscar-winner among the cast, but I agree with R29: Jena Malone stole the show.


Alicia from River City Chic has a great list of 9-5 essentials.

My bestie Christine gave the wardrobe from The Emperor’s New Groove a winter twist, and it’s awesome.

And the guilt-inducing story of the month: a look at the textile industry’s dangerous practices in India — and the extent garment factories go to cover it up.

~ Sarah