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Happy Monday! Enjoy these reads to start your week!

Media & Feminism

It’s almost summer (or so I hear), which means a lot of nonsense about “bikini bodies.” This piece on loving (or at least ignoring) your cellulite will remind you that a lot of it is nonsense.

Speaking of bikinis and the like, NPR had an interesting piece examining sexism in two very different places: the Middle East and Latin America.

Pretty Little Liars can be a very silly (but entertaining) show on many levels, but Hello Giggles reminds us it does nail one thing: the workings of female friendships.

How Jennifer Garner’s career transformed from Alias to moving maternal figure.

Money, Money, Money

Bad news if you’re going to be borrowing more student loans: rates are going up (again).

And in case you forgot, student loan debt is costly to the economy as whole, not just students.

Need some encouragement to pay off loans and stay on budget? This handy millennial finance infographic from Greatist will help.


Pretty cool: the Beatles waiting for traffic to shoot their Abbey Road album cover.

Any list reminding me why Florida is awesome is guaranteed to make me homesick.

It’s spring so these tips for buying flowers on the cheap is especially timely. Then use these tips to make your flowers last longer.

~ Sarah

Ahora Amo

A collection of all the small things that I’m loving right now… ♥

♡  sparkly shoes
♡  quick South Florida getaways and bare legs
♡  the new (unretouched) Aerie campaign
♡  no snow — we got so much in December and early January I’m already over it

♡  awaiting visits from friends
♡  my favorite frozen yogurt in Old City
♡  award show season!
♡  paid days off, yes

♡  cutting back on shopping —  a girl’s got to save some cash!
♡  a dog and a boyfriend that make me a happy girl
♡  jumping on the coconut oil bandwagon
♡  getting inspired by photography tutorials

~ Sarah

Ahora Amo

A collection of all the small things that I love at the moment… ♥

♡ Global Outreach ♡ Skype ♡ Pretty Little Liars, always ♡ Miami Hurricanes basketball? ♡ new quesadilla recipes ♡ unexpected three-day weekends ♡ actually using Pinterest ideas ♡ Instagram ♡ my Kindle ♡ commuting friends ♡ hot chocolate & hot tea ♡ scones ♡ bright nail polish ♡ home-cooked meals (yes, food again) ♡ Nashville ♡ winter break memories ♡ going to the gym ♡ baking ♡ this song ♡

Happy Monday!

~ Sarah