Summer Sweetness

Smak Parlour Fruit Print Dress
Smak Parlour Fruit Print Dress

Have I sung my praises for Smak Parlour before? Okay, that’s a trick question because a quick search of my own archives tells me, no, I haven’t. It’s time though, so pull up a seat.

For the uninitiated, Smak Parlour is a a boutique in Old City Philadelphia, plus a fashion truck (think food truck, but with clothes not tacos). The store is painted pink, and they sell clothes and accessories that are a mix of retro, kitschy and modern. The founders, Katie and Abby, have their own USA-made label, Smak Parlour Cut & Sew Collection. Oh, and the Smak Parlour Instagram is everything.

Anyway, most of my past purchases from Smak Parlour have been accessories. I’ve wanted one of their dresses for years, but the price tags meant I could only justify it as a special occasion purchase. So I promised myself when I found a new job, I would purchase my first Smak Parlour dress.

As luck would have it, my new job has me working from home most of the time, so I don’t really need new clothes for the office. It felt silly to spend money on a dress just to keep a silly promise to myself.

The weekend before I started my new job, my friend and I were browsing Smak Parlour. It was Memorial Day weekend, so the store was having a sale. This fruit print dress was in my size, marked down to $15(!!) and you know, it fit like a glove. Even better, it was just fun.

Do you know what we call that? Fate.

Smak Parlour Fruit Print Dress
Smak Parlour Fruit Print Dress

The first time my fruit print dress and I went out was for brunch with the PHLbloggers team — Chrystina, Melissa and Priyanka. This dress seemed a little too casual, too American for Parc, so I dressed it up — as much as you can dress up a dress covered in cherries, strawberries and watermelons. Hopefully, sand-colored wedges, pearl studs and subtle makeup did the trick. It doesn’t really matter though, because I was too busy enjoying my mimosas and my new dress.

~ Sarah

Dress: Smak Parlour | Wedges: Crocs | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bag: Century 21

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Indian Summer

Indian summer

  • n. a stretch of sunny and warm days during late autumn

Also known as my favorite time of year. It looks like fall but feels like late spring, what could be better? It’s also usually my last chance to bare my legs and play with light layers before autumn really hits.

Silk Scarf, Utility Jacket, LBD | Shades of Sarah

A little black dress + utility jacket + print silk scarf is nothing new, but it’s a classic for a reason. (See Katie rocking this outfit formula earlier this year here.) I especially like that my jacket brings out the green in my printed scarf. The scarf and lace cap sleeves are pretty girl, but the jacket and the neutral colors keep it grounded. And the clogs are just typical me at this point!

Silk Scarf, Utility Jacket, LBD | Shades of Sarah
Actually, Philly, we can probably dial down the humidity now.

Anyone else still stretching their summer wardrobe? It’s November in a few hours, so I’ll probably have to switch exclusively to tights and jeans. The clogs and falling leaves can stick around, for now.

~ Sarah

P.S. Much thanks to Julia for the lovely photos!! Get in touch with her if you need a photographer in Philly!

Dress: Walmart (similar silhouette)
Utility Jacket: Forever 21
Scarf: Anne Klein, thrifted (cool print under $25!)
Clogs: Old Navy
Tote: Nordstrom (reversible!)

Shine This Fall With Hair Cuttery

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hair Cuttery Salons. All opinions are 100% my own.

It’s hard to believe, but September is here! While I’m firmly in the “it’s still summer” camp, even I have to admit fall is around the corner. Fall is definitely a season of change, and a new haircut is a great way to get into a new mindset. Plus after all the havoc my hair has gone through this summer (wind, saltwater, etc.), it definitely needed some TLC. All in all, I had good reasons to head over to my local Hair Cuttery to try their new Cibu Shine Blowout.

The Cibu Shine Blowout includes a shampoo, Redken Chemistry Treatment, cut and blowdry. I know, it sounds like a lot, but HC makes it super affordable! (Don’t forget to check the pricing at your local salon.) I’ve never done a treatment in the past (though it has been recommended!), and I think I’m a convert. Even though I keep my product use to a minimum (these are my favorites!), my scalp is prone to buildup. The chemistry treatment and a few minutes under the dryers cleared that all up though!

Hair Cuttery for Fall | Shades of Sarah
This was actually really fun.

Oh, and then of course, there was the haircut part…

Fall Hair with Hair Cuttery | Shades of Sarah

That’s right, I went full throwback and got a real bob! I’m no stranger to shortish hair, usually collarbone length. But this feels like a really big change! Thoughts?

Fall Hair with Hair Cuttery | Shades of Sarah

Oh and that superhero shine? It’s courtesy of my new Cibu Shine Squad argan oil mist. It doubles as a heat protectant and a shine spray. Serums weigh my hair down a lot, so I love having a spray option instead! My hair feels so soft, shiny and healthy, which is a complete 180 from where it was last week! (Trust.)

Fall Hair with Hair Cuttery | Shades of Sarah

So to recap, here’s how you get ready for fall when it’s still warm out…

1) Ditch your summer hair and make some ch-ch-changes for fall at Hair Cuttery.
2) Add some dark lip stain and plum blush.
3) Pair your dark sundresses with closed-toe shoes.
4) Wear a choker for dramatic effect.


~ Sarah
Dress: Thrifted
Clogs: Old Navy
Bag: Target (similar also from Target)
Choker: lou lou boutiques (similar)