Link Love

We finally made it to the weekend!! And now, some links…

Looking to add to your reading list? Popsugar has a list of Latin American books to read.

Always helpful: easy things you can do to help the environment. (See my favorite eco-friendly products here.)

Somewhat related: adopting minimalist strategies to your closet…when you’re not a minimalist.

A brief history of female assassins in film.

This was fun: the decades-long Gilmore Girls friendship you didn’t know about. Any guesses?

Lately: April 2016

PHL Blog Connect

Picture via Kendall’s Instagram — the PHL Blogger’s Blog Connect Conference was too fun!

Doing: Very little shopping this month! Yay?
Drinking: Iced citrus green tea lattes from Starbucks. So so delicious — I can’t help but order one when I go to Target.
Eating: Breakfast burritos from Wawa. Thanks for stepping up the breakfast game.
Loving: How late the sun stays up. Come on, summer! We’re almost there.
Hating: Pollen.
Listening: To some throwback Latin pop/rock. Rediscovering your music library from high school is a wonderful thing.
Reading: I read a James Patterson book, The Beach House, on a rainy day, because that’s what James Patterson is for. Next up? Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, which I picked up at The Blog Connect book swap.
Wanting: More plants in my house! I bought a little one at the grocery store last week, and now I want more. Between carpeting and two dogs, though, it’s probably not the best idea.
Watching: Nashville! I fell a bit behind, and I hope they can get at least one more season from ABC.
Wearing: My “He Votado Hoy” sticker. Happy primary day!
Wishing: This entire outfit would appear in my closet.

~ Sarah

Link Love

Happy Monday!


I love these literary quotes inspired by summer (my favorite season in the Northeast).

Unfortunately though, we’re getting another heat wave this week, so these tips on staying cool but dressing modestly are definitely helpful for the workplace.

For you designers out there: fonts worse than Comic Sans.

The top emojis used in Philly.

Why your body needs water.

I loved Madison’s post on embracing change.

I loved this idea on how to save wedding cards — I have ziplock bags full of birthday cards over the years (just me?).

What people get wrong about the “athlesiure” trend.

Going on a late summer vacation? Don’t forget to brush up on these clothing tips to make security a breeze.

~ Sarah