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Happy Link Love!


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Dessert at Bergdorf Goodman


I’ve only been at Lovelyish for a week, and I already got a major perk. Last week, I tagged along with my editor to a party at the department store Bergdorf Goodman for a party hosted by Refinery 29 and the French make up label Guerlain. Even better, since the party was celebrating Guerlain’s new lipstick, we were both treated to free makeovers!



The makeup artist who worked with me played up my eyes with plum eyeshadow, paired with peach blush and soft pink lipstick. The smoky eyes were over the top (and took forever to take off!) but I thought it was fitting of the occasion. And I would show up to Bergdorf wearing a thrifted dress, paired with a thrifted bag. The disadvantages of not having a socialite’s shopping budget. Another thing, sparkling water is gross. At least there cupcakes. Did I mention the cupcakes? AND macaroons. I’ve been obsessing over macaroons, so I was thrilled to get my fix – for free.

~ Sarah