Trailer Tuesday: Cesar Chavez

Biopics are always a tricky thing, but they appeal to the history- and story-lover in me. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know very much about Cesar Chavez’s legacy — I don’t think his civil rights work was ever mentioned in one of my classes until my women’s history course junior year of college, and even then it was brief. Anyway, two reasons to be excited about Cesar Chavez: 1) Diego Luna’s directorial debut and 2) Michael Peña is one of the most recognizable Latino character actors out there, so props to both of them.

Anyone else planning on seeing Cesar Chavez?

~ Sarah

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Some reading to start your weekend…

Enjoy your Labor Day/four-day work week? The holiday is a good reminder of what Americans haven’t mastered: taking time off. [via Huff Post]

From Time, a look at a new American Dream: moving away from the suburbs.

Just in time for back-to-school: colleges made for Instagram. Hint: my alma mater makes the list. [via Buzzfeed]

More good information for students: those highly-recommended study methods may not be so effective after all. [via The Washington Post]

Two must-reads from the Poynter Institute on women and journalism: first, The New York Times is lacking when it comes to using female sources in news stories, while two journalists founded a magazine to highlight longform journalism produced by women.

From The Frisky, just a friendly reminder that those before/after fitness pictures you see on Pinterest aren’t exactly the real deal.

I’m sure you’re over the whole Miley Cyrus-VMA debacle, but Kate from Life Sucks In A Strapless Bra has a great post on why MTV needs to step it up.

Any good reads I should catch up on?

~ Sarah

P.S. I had a great time meeting some fellow Philly bloggers at the Philly Blog Love happy hour this week! Check some of the fab bloggers: Trend Hungry | Streets & Stripes | Her Philly | Shen Dove Style | Jessica Lawlor: Get Gutsy

Canadian Dress?

Chambray dress (exact) – Old Navy; Belt (came with skirt, similar) – Target; Slip-on sneakers – Payless (similar).

No outfit post of my 4th of July outfit (I know, how disappointing, missing out on another red, white and blue outfit 😉 ), but what’s more Americana then denim? Well, actually, if you’re my boyfriend, you’re calling this denim dress a Canadian tuxedo (aka a Texas tuxedo, but ok).

This dress was one of my clearance finds from Old Navy last weekend — apparently it’s trendy too! — and I wore it to volunteering on Sunday. I was at the same space again (the yarn-dying factory), but I remembered my DSLR this time and my volunteer coordinator Cara graciously helped me out as a photographer/art director.

And because it’s worth mentioning again: how cool is this space??

For the outfit, I added some color with my pink belt and print slip-ons (they look like Tom’s, but unfortunately they aren’t as socially-conscious). I’m definitely happy with my dress purchase — though it’s a tad short in the thigh area — but it’s already getting too humid to wear anything with sleeves. But don’t worry, summer: you’re still my favorite.

Hoping everyone enjoyed the holiday!*

~ Sarah

*if applicable, obviously 🙂