Know Me Like The Summer

How to wear a corduroy skirt in summer | Shades of Sarah
How to wear a corduroy skirt in summer | Shades of Sarah
How to wear a corduroy skirt in summer | Shades of SarahLet me tell you about the only unicorn I believe in: the perfect 70 degrees and sunny summer day. It’s important to take advantage of these rare days, so do as I do: eat brunch outside with your dog and wear your corduroy button skirt.

I received this skirt from Tobi in the fall, and knew it’d be the perfect cold weather skirt. It’s super cute with a long cardigan or with tights and ankle boots. Even in skirt form, corduroy isn’t that wearable in the summer (hello, humidity), so it’s best to keep it simple: a red tank with lace trim makes the black pop. Flats and a woven bag in contrasting prints keep it from being too basic.

Not every item of clothing is going to work for all four seasons, but it’s fun to try to make it work.

~ Sarah

Tank: Kohl’s (similar)
Skirt: c/o Tobi (similar)
Flats: Target (similar)
Bag: from Colombia


Vest Is Best

Some people hate summer dressing: it’s hot and humid out, and you just want to put on a dress and go (or you know, just lay inside with the air conditioner blasting). I get it. Getting dressed is a non-negotiable though, and it’s way more interesting when you add layering into the mix. Yes, even in the summer. Enter: the denim vest.

How to wear a denim vest | Shades of Sarah

How to wear a denim vest | Shades of SarahReasons why denim vests are awesome:

  • they add a retro vibe with just one item of clothing
  • they coverup your bra strap issues (!!)
  • they add a jolt of color

How to wear a denim vest | Shades of Sarah
Let’s talk about the rest of the outfit… I just need to accept that I will always wear a lot of black, even in the summer. It’s who I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wear a lot of color too! This skirt has black in it, so it grounds the look. (Fun fact: this skirt used to be a dress — I loved the print so much that once it got too short, I had it altered into a skirt.) My pendant pulls some of the teal (aqua?) out of the skirt, and ties in with the denim vest.

How to wear a denim vest | Shades of SarahIf you’re looking for more summer layering inspiration, my friend Priyanka also loves a good vest for the summer! Leave me your ideas in the comments too!

~ Sarah

Tank: Old Navy
Denim Vest: Target (exactsimilar)
Skirt: Rainbow (used to be a dress)
Sandals: Target (similar)
Pendant: Dear Mushka
Sunglasses: Smak Parlour
Bag: Anne Klein via Ross (similar)

Thing I Need To Tell You About, Vol. 4

Holy unexpected-blog-hiatus! I’ve been having a fun summer, so no complaints here! The early part of the summer was spent hosting friends at my apartment (one of my favorite things to do — I love planning weekend itineraries) and I recently got back from a trip home. I have missed this space though, and some of blog friends have been killing it lately. So what better way to get back into the swing of things than a quick hello?

I went home!

I spent a very wonderful, not-nearly-long-enough four days back in South Florida. My dad and I went to the Home Run Derby, and while it was a little anticlimactic at the end, it was still a great experience to check off my sports bucket list. Other activities included: eating lots of Cuban food, browsing the MLB All-Star exhibition, free slurpees, browsing Publix, winning second place at a trivia night and an afternoon in Wynwood. (Speaking of Wynwood, I ended up at Federal Donuts, their first location outside of Philly, instead of Coyo Tacos and am I too Philly now?)

I’ve had lots of great girl talk lately.

I really value my friendships. Once we’re friends, you are basically stuck with me for life. I especially enjoy catching up with my friends in smaller groups of two or three: over brunch, happy hour, shopping or even just neighborhood walks or long drives in my car. (Some of the places I’ve hit up? Adobe, La Calaca Feliz, Philly Style Bagels [yes, really], and True Food Kitchen.)  I’m really grateful I’ve gotten a lot of hearts-to-heart in this summer. I have the best friends.

I’ve been driving a lot.

I’ve written a little bit about my driving before. It took me nine years to get my license, but I was still very apprehensive about driving as a whole. Unlike a lot of people I grew up with, I mostly learned how to drive in the city. My biggest challenge? Highways (and merging and parallel parking). This summer though, I’ve road tripped to Gettysburg (post coming soon!) and Ocean City, New Jersey. I am going to attempt to drive to Long Island next month. This is a big deal for me, and I am really proud of myself.

So that’s that for now! Even though I haven’t been blogging on here, I’ve still been working on content, so I hope to have some fun stuff up soon.

~ Sarah