A Birthday Wishlist

I’m not sure how, but my birthday is in a week! Turning 33 is kind of whatever, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to make a little self-indulgent birthday list.

Tomato Candle: The last couple of summers, I’ve gotten really into growing sun gold tomatoes in my container garden. I love the scent of the vines when I’m tending to the plant, and I would love to hold onto it after the summer ends. Good thing tomato candles are now a thing. (Although if I was really splurging, I would spring for this Loewe tomato candle. It looks like a work of art.)

Crochet Kit: During the peak of the pandemic, I started getting into needlework like cross stitch and embroidery. My latest flirtation? Crochet. I’ve made a couple of coasters, but I think a cute amigurumi kit like this rainbow dino would help get me up to speed. Think of all the little gifts I could make.

Twist Earrings: I’ve been wearing more gold lately, and I could use another pair of gold earrings to match. These twist earrings (which are also available in solid gold) are both trendy and classic.

Silver Landings vinyl: I recently rediscovered this Mandy Moore album, which came out right before lockdown. It’s the perfect soundtrack for an evening of cooking and eating dinner on the porch. Listening to a record just adds to the vibe, and I’m building a small collection. This LP would fit right in.

And with that, I’ll leave you with a music video from Silver Landings.

~ Sarah