Love Birds

Love Birds Sweater & Beret | Shades of Sarah
Love Birds Sweater & Beret | Shades of Sarah
Love Birds Sweater & Beret | Shades of Sarah
I would like to use my first blog post in a month as an opportunity to thank hats and novelty sweaters for existing. Just when I think spring is here to stay, we get another bout of dreary weather. At least fun sweaters and hats keep outfits interesting and a little less gloomy.

Hats are having a moment, and thank goodness for that. They are the perfect accessory this time of year. They keep you warm and add make you feel a bit put together, especially on days when you’re decidedly not having a good hair day. (And really, you can have good hair days when it’s this windy and rainy?) This beret (which I found new-with-tags at And We Evolve), my newsboy cap and baseball caps have all been in heavy rotation this month.

Also remember when “critter sweaters” were a thing? (Clare had the best collection.) Sure, this isn’t the trendiest thing I’ve worn on the blog, but I’m still all about a graphic sweater. There’s a time and a place for fun and sass in the things we wear, don’t you think? At least these love birds remind me of warmer weather…which will hopefully stay here long enough that I can pack away these sweaters. 😉

~ Sarah
Sweater: Kohl’s
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Primark (similar)
Beret: And We Evolve (similar)