Spring Outfit Ideas

The weather in Philadelphia continues to be spastic: one day I’m wearing long sleeves and my winter jacket, and the next it’s too warm for my jeans. Getting dressed has been an adventure, and I was running low on inspiration. On the bright side, that’s why I read blogs. Here are some spring outfit ideas from my favorite bloggers:

via Priya the blog

Priya rocks colors like nobody’s business (have you seen her new site?!), but she works neutrals too. I have all of these pieces: little white dress, beige cardigan, black clogs, beaded necklace. Have I thought of pairing them together before? Nope.

via Nicole at Writes Like A Girl

I love my denim vest, but I usually cop out and just wear it with a dress. Nicole has a better idea: A simple tank and a print skirt has the same vibe, but a touch more creativity. Also, pendant necklaces are my favorite.

via Kimi at Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Dark florals and ankle boots may give off a fall vibe, but Kimi proves that a simple white tee can really brighten things up. Also, I love wearing ankle boots into spring because who has time for a pedicure? (Answer: not me.)

You can find my spring outfits and posts here. Also, if you have any spring outfit ideas or accessible fashion blogger recommendations, send them my way! I’m always looking for new reads. Happy weekend!

~ Sarah