Things I Need To Tell You About, Vol. 3

Hello friends! It’s been a crazy week or so, so some quick life updates…

The Blog Connect was a success!

There’s a lot more coming when it comes to The Blog Connect conference (this is what it was all about), but we got a lot of good feedback! I’m excited to recap and discuss what worked (and what didn’t) with the rest of the awesome team.

I quit shopping.

Okay, sort of. I gave up shopping for Lent, and am still doing strong after Easter. I have a post coming eventually with all of my purchases this year, but scaling back has been nice.

The NFL Draft is in town.

Philly has been hosting lots of big events the last few years, including the Papal visit and DNC. I wasn’t expecting much from the NFL Draft, but I actually ended up having a fun time. (The NFL knows how to put on events, now I just wish they would have a better understanding of issues like DV.)

I’m looking for a new hobby.

Not quitting the blog anytime soon, but I would love a hobby that isn’t digital and can help me decompress. The answer is probably cross stitching. Super trendy, I know. My mom actually cross stitched a lot when I was growing up!

Fill me in on what’s going on in your life!

~ Sarah