Link Love


Happy Friday! I haven’t done a roundup in literal months, so it’s definitely time. I’ve been trying to take it easy this month, but my friends surprised me with a birthday dinner at Cuba Libre, so that was a highlight! Anyway, onto the links…

I love this post from Revelist on how many makeup products it takes to get that #Iwokeuplikethis look.

This breakdown of different young women’s incomes and lifestyles is really fascinating, but also stressed me out.

I’m not redecorating or anything, but I still liked these easy home updates.

This sounds a lot like me: how to know you’re an outgoing introvert. (Or am I a quiet extrovert?)

Quick tip to corporations: women don’t need kids to buy all the things.

As far as natural lipsticks go, I’m familiar with Burt’s Bees, but these natural lipsticks are so pretty.

Anything fun on the internet I should know about?

~ Sarah