Wedding Rehearsal Blowout with Hair Cuttery

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hair Cuttery Salons. All opinions are 100% my own.

Earlier this month, I flew to Atlanta to be in one of my childhood best friend’s weddings! Us bridesmaids were pretty much in go-go-go mode upon arrival — it was such a whirlwind weekend that very few pictures even exist. (Not counting the professional photographer’s of course; I’m eagerly awaiting those.)

Our bride was generous enough to pay for our hair the day of, but I knew my hair was the last thing I wanted to worry about leading up to the wedding. I wanted something that would withstand a flight and the Atlanta humidity, so off to Hair Cuttery I went.

Now that everyone is spending their weekends traveling, Thursdays are pretty busy at my local HC. I made an appointment with Kim, a master stylist, but you totally don’t have to! Hair Cuttery is cool with walk-ins, and their handy store locator will also list current wait times.

Kim and I chatted about what I was looking for: something easy but polished and plane-friendly. We chose to do a blowout for the wedding rehearsal and dinner, but if I wasn’t traveling I definitely would’ve experimented more! (Need inspiration? Browse the #myHClook hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.)

Something that has helped me immensely with learning to deal with my hair (it’s fine, prone to oiliness and buildup and frizz) is approaching salon visits almost like doctor’s appointments. I ask so many questions now! Hair Cuttery is a welcoming, unpretentious environment, so I don’t feel lame asking for advice about my hair struggles.

Blowout with Hair Cuttery | Shades of Sarah
Rocking the wet rodent look before.
Another reason Kim was great – she was game for a selfie!

I honestly felt like a million bucks afterwards! Going to the salon for just a shampoo and blowdry sounds indulgent, but the prices at Hair Cuttery start at about half of what blowout salons charge. Totally worth the investment for a special occasion, whether you’re going to a job interview or a wedding (so basically every person every summer).

I was especially glad I stopped by Hair Cuttery because after an early flight and running errands, the bridesmaids literally had 15 minutes to get ready for the wedding rehearsal…so not having to worry about my hair was a bonus. One of the bridesmaids asked me how my hair looked so good, and I was happy to reveal my secret weapon. The proof is in the Snapchat (told you photos were basically non-existent):

And that’s my wedding rehearsal beauty story. The moral of the story, leave the hair to the affordable and accessible experts (hi, Hair Cuttery) and master a 10-minute or less makeup routine.

~ Sarah