Lately: January 2016(!)

Happy 2016! It’s already week 2 of the New Year — craziness. I’ll probably blog about my resolutions/goals for this year (and recap 2015) later this week if you feel like reading yet another one of those posts.

Drinking: Water! Trying to start the year on the right foot.
Eating: Out way too often! Stopped by one of my favorites, DanDan (16th St. between Sansom and Walnut), with friends last week.
Loving: Being able to spend time working and hanging out with some blogger babes.
Hating: That it’s not spring yet.
Listening: I found my CD collection from high school, and popped Mi Sangre by Juanes into my car the other day. Almost 12 years later, and that album is still perfection.
Reading: Not enough. I’m planning on joining Emma Watson’s feminist book club with some friends, so I need to get myself a library card.
Wanting: To win the Powerball. I’d settle for just a million though. 😉
Watching: Gilmore Girls. But we’re on season 1 now!
Wearing: My flannel button up and cashmere sweater.
Wishing: It was Friday!

What is everyone up to?

~ Sarah