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Happy Friday! Enjoy some interesting reads from around the web!

link love

What the future holds for E!’s Fashion Police, which has quickly been falling apart.

The biggest take away from this awards season? Women’s stories matter.

Have you heard Le Tote? This clothing rental startup landed over $8 million in Series A funding.

Meet Ditto: the Rent the Runway for prescription eyeglasses.

5 natural beauty products I’m interested in trying.

Here’s a cool project: introji, or emoji for introverts.

Jade’s IPA cheese dip recipe makes me want to throw my own beer and pretzel party!

10 dystopian novels starring POC. (I actually own Orleans, so I guess it’s time to read it.)

This has been floating for awhile: which American nation do you live in? (Have to say, I love that South Florida is part of the “Spanish Caribbean,” because let’s be real.)

Any fun pieces online to share? Happy weekend!

~ Sarah