World Cup Cute

USA Jersey and BF Jeans | Shades of Sarah

Jersey – 2010 version, gift (2014 jersey); Jeans – hand-me-down (similar); Sandals – Payless (similar).

USA Jersey | Shades of Sarah

So who has been watching the World Cup here? I’ve been having bad luck catching the games, so far so good for all my teams! I never thought Colombia, Costa Rica and the U.S. (where my mom, dad and I were born, respectively) would all play in the same World Cup, and the first two have already advanced to the knockout round.¬†With a win against Portugal, the U.S. can join them. Let’s go USA!

In my attempt to dress up my soccer jersey for last Monday’s game and a casual afternoon out, I paired it with distressed jeans (these are a looser fit but aren’t quite “boyfriend” jeans), rhinestone sandals and a small sapphire star necklace. I think it pretty much sums up the sporty chic trend, what about you?

~ Sarah