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Link Love


Actor Paul Walker, the very private star of Hollywood’s ultra-successful Fast and Furious franchise, passed away this weekend. If you’re going to read one “in memoriam” piece about him, may I recommend this exploration of his different passions from EW.

Gothamist takes a look at what it’ll take for the South Bronx to gentrify.

A new book studies children who believe they have been reincarnated — freaky to say the least.

Pop Culture

My love for Love Actually has been documented here before so of course I loved this Buzzfeed “which character are you?” quiz.

If you haven’t read Joe Jonas’ “open letter” (more like rant) to NY Mag, you’re missing out.

The Hunger Games (spoilers)

A super-interesting take from NPR on the Katniss-Peeta relationship.

Related: I loved this hysterical roundup of all the times Peeta messes up in Catching Fire (thanks, Vulture).

And I know Jennifer Lawrence is the Oscar-winner among the cast, but I agree with R29: Jena Malone stole the show.


Alicia from River City Chic has a great list of 9-5 essentials.

My bestie Christine gave the wardrobe from The Emperor’s New Groove a winter twist, and it’s awesome.

And the guilt-inducing story of the month: a look at the textile industry’s dangerous practices in India — and the extent garment factories go to cover it up.

~ Sarah