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Tank – hand-me-down; Belt – mom’s; Skirt – Target; Flats – Target.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Christmas is usually a pretty simple day for my family – not even a fancy breakfast or anything (this year, we opted for a nice lunch though!) Tonight I watched This is 40 with some family friends – I want to be just as fabulous as Leslie Mann when I’m her age. I also wanted to share my Christmas Eve really quick – we kept things simple yesterday with a BBQ. I guess that’s what you can do when it looks like this outside:

This outfit is almost a complete switcheroo of what I wore last year – except this year I opted for a red sequined tank and green nails (well and a different black skirt, but I guess I’m predictable like that!). I also wanted to show off my momma’s outfit (and also, puppy):

How chic does she look? I’m not sure where her pants are from, but we bought the sweater and her wedges on Christmas Eve! Both were on sale, and the wedges are actually from the kids’ section at Payless! We have small feet. (Hint: size 7 women’s = size 5 kid’s.)

For some unknown reason, my mom also bought me this Santa headband for the holidays. So I had some fun with that:

Merry Christmas! Thanks for reading, as always 🙂

~ Sarah