Sweet Summertime

Wow, it’s been awhile! I was off in Colombia for a week or so (and I had great guest bloggers covering for me!) and since I got back, I’ve been settling into my crazy life in New York. It’s been non-stop work and spending time with friends. So while that has been wonderful and all, it’s got me nostalgic for yet another summer getaway. You know, the type where you don’t lift a finger.

That’s exactly the type of vacation featured in this “Glam Getaway” editorial in the June issue of Glamour. I’m not really one for editorials, but this is perfection. It’s so feminine and classic and retro and I’m in love with all of these photographs (which I happily scanned for you all). Plus, the photos were taken in Islamorada in the Keys, so it satisfies my cravings for South Florida sunshine.

I’d also like to wish my friend Katie a very happy 20th birthday!! She actually just got back from Miami, so I’m super jealous. Happy birthday, girl! 🙂

☀ Sarah

*images courtesy of Glamour magazine