Eat (Cheese)cake

My first-ever Junior’s cheesecake

I’ll be honest: one of the hardest parts about returning from spring break in San Diego was the weather. Back in California, the temperatures were in the 60s and the skies were almost always sunny. I come back to New York and what do I get? Rain. Snow. And the dreaded wintry mix. Yikes.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, having cheesecake in the city with the lovely Elle from Elle Enchanted certainly helps.

It was my first time doing a blogger meet-up, and I was so relieved to find Elle is as sweet and genuine as she comes across on her fashion and lifestyle blog. We met up at Grand Central Terminal on Wednesday, walked aimlessly around Midtown for a bit and then had some dessert. Afterwards, we walked a little bit more in the rain. Like the good fashion bloggers we are, we stopped at H & M on 5th Ave. We ended up buying matching necklaces (and for only $5!). Our meet-up was a nice change of pace from what has been a crazy first week back.

As for what I wore, I find it practical to have a comfortable and chic go-to outfit for bad weather. Now that I have a new trench coat, that’s gotten a lot easier. A cute printed umbrella helps too. Yay for leopard print!

Trench Coat – Old Navy; Leggings – unknown; Cross-body Bag – thrifted; Rainboots – JcPenny (Arizona); Umbrella – Totes; Dress – thrifted; Pashmina – street vendor; Skinny Belt – unknown; Watch – Jack’s World (Sharp).

I love polo dresses, and this one is a lovely plum color and has a fun texture. I still can’t get over how skinny belts completely change an outfit and give it shape. The pashmina and trench kept me warm, and my pink-trimmed rainboots and leopard umbrella kept things fun on such a dreary day. I’m pretty sure the cross-body bag (which I borrowed from my mom for the semester) is Goodwill perfection. I’ll have to give you all a better look of my watch, because I just love it. Just like I love this outfit.

What’s your go-to rainy day look?

☀ Sarah