Fashion Inspiration: Despicable Me

The animated comedy Despicable Me was one of last summer’s biggest hits. The film follows the adventures of Gru (Steve Carell, “The Office”), a failed supervillain of sorts. He plans a comeback of sorts by pulling off the century’s biggest heists: stealing the moon. However, after a rival villain gets in his way, Gru discovers the only way to make his plan fool-proof is to… adopt three little girls? Okay, you need to watch the movie for it all to make sense, but I definitely recommend it. Despicable Me is adorable, quirky, and surprisingly filled with fashion inspiration. Yes, you read that right. Check out the trailer:

Look #1: Gru

Gru is the hero of our story, a prideful supervillain who has lost his edge.

Despicable Me- Gru
Jacket- Walmart; Turtleneck- Dorothy Perkins; Skinny Jeans- American Eagle; Scarf- Buckle; Moon Earrings- Yes Style; Heeled Oxfords- Target; Metallic Oxfords- Forever 21.

Gru’s look is very monochromatic- just basic black and gray. It’s the details though that make this look stand out, like the thick rugby scarf, turtleneck with cap sleeves, and the motorcycle jacket (this Walmart one is actually made of cotton!). Emphasize the androgyny of this look by wearing menswear-inspired shoes, like this pair of heeled oxfords. I added the futuristic, metallic pair for those who are more daring. The blue moon earrings add a colorful, whimsical touch.

Look #2: Margo

Margo (Miranda Cosgrove, “iCarly”) is the oldest of the three sisters Gru adopts. While she’s motherly towards the younger girls, Margo is really a sassy smart aleck. Her look is a great example of how to combine girly items with a more tomboy style.

Despicable Me- Margo
Jacket- Buckle; Shirt- Debenhams; Skirt- Aeropostale; Converse- Zappos; Necklace- Modcloth.
Toughen up a preppy skirt and long-sleeved shirt with an olive green, military-inspired jacket and bright red converse. The owl necklace is reminiscent of the one on Margo’s graphic tee, but adds a girlier, grown-up touch. This look is fun and put-together enough for a day at class and the library.

Look #3: The Minions

No villain is complete with his henchmen, and you can’t talk about Despicable Me without mentioning the adorable minions. So of course, I was tempted to create an outfit inspired by them- no googles or overalls included.

Despicable Me- Minions
Beanie- All Saints; Sunglasses- Buckle; Gloves- Nordstrom; Flats- Peacocks; Shirt- Uniqlo; Jeans- American Eagle.
For this outfit, I wanted something fun and comfortable, but with an edge. The basic long-sleeved shirt in mustard and blue skinny jeans are based on the general look of the minions. The gray beanie represents the round shape of the minions and the sunglasses replace their googles. Add the fingerless gloves and studded flats for that rocker chic look, inspired by the industrial work the minions do.

Bonus Look: Vector

In Despicable Me, Vector (Jason Segel, “How I Met Your Mother”) is a young supervillain who begins a rivalry with Gru when he steals the Great Pyramid at the beginning of the movie. He’s always seen wearing this bright orange tracksuit.

Despicable Me- Vector

Hooide, tank, running shorts, watch, and sneakers- all Old Navy.

I decided to create a cute workout outfit based on Vector’s look. Fun workout clothes are great motivation for hitting the gym– really! Although Vector wears orange, a trendy spring shade, I decided to pick out more melon-colored gym basics. Feeling athletic yet?

Have you guys seen Despicable Me? What did you think of all the characters? Would you wear any of these outfits? Let me know in the comments!

~ Sarah