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Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Enjoy this week’s links! ♥


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From The Frisky, celebrities discuss turning 30. This may or may not have made me feel better about turning 20.

Also from The Frisky, fun ways to reinvent yourself when you begin a new school year.

College Candy gives us realistic and helpful study tips to do well in college.

Two great articles from Jezebel: myths about women’s brains and why we should be exposed to unretouched photographs of celebrities.

And finally, movies that changed the world of fashion. Which ones are your favorites?

Video Love ♥

So now’s a good time to know that I love Duffy. She’s adorable and she writes most of her own songs. Plus, she has the whole retro thing going on. My favorite.

Ah, Katy Perry. Completely unapologetic about being manufactured bubblegum pop. And that’s why I  can’t help but love her. That, and she’s cute and her songs are catchy.

The next season of Gossip Girl premieres on my birthday. I hope that’s a good sign. I hope Paris helps revive the show- it’s been getting stale.

Which links are loving this week?

~ Sarah