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Casual Galentines's Day Outfit - Shades of Sarah

Casual Galentines's Day Outfit - Shades of Sarah
Casual Galentines's Day Outfit - Shades of Sarah
Casual Galentines's Day Outfit - Shades of SarahHappy Galentine’s Day, dear readers!

While I love celebrating Galentine’s, it’s been a tradition for my friends and me before I ever watched Parks & Rec — margaritas and dancing are usually involved. 😉

Sisterhood is super important for me, and my female friendships are one of the things I treasure most about Philadelphia. As an adult, I’ve met most of my friends through work or blogging. The best though is when these friends become full-fledged IRL friends…and then get to meet each other.

Anyway, I wore this outfit to a blogger work session at United By Blue. I wanted to be comfy and cozy, but also a bit ~festive~. (It was also freezing, so practicality won out and I wore riding boots instead of ankle boots.) My love for maroon is well-documented (see here and here), but instead of pairing it with my usual black, I went for blush (or “millennial pink”). The crochet detail on the top adds a boho/romantic touch and pearl studs are classic. It’s still February though, so my cold-weather accessories aren’t going away anytime soon!

~ Sarah
Top: Kohl’s (love this!)
Jeans: Old Navy (same fit, different color)
Scarf: Borrowed (similar)
Beanie: Old Navy (similar)
Boots: Hand-me-downs (similar)


Newsboy Cap, Knit Sweater, Oxford Heels
Newsboy Cap, Knit Sweater
Oxford Heels
Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels cyclical: what goes around, comes around. Sometimes there’s a clear beginning and end. Style, it turns out, can be a little bit of both.

Take this hat for instance. First off, if you found my blog post expecting me to give this cap a name, I am sorry. Fiddler cap, newsboy cap, cadet cap… it doesn’t matter what you call it, but it is definitely trending. And it’s been trending on and off for years! (Just take a look at these outfits inspired by a 1970s comedy.) A sweet older man even stopped me at Starbucks and told me my cap brought back memories for him. For less than five dollars at Primark, it’s definitely a throwback trend worth trying.

I love hats, but they can definitely be a little intimidating to style, especially if your sense of style leans towards simple (like me). So for my first outing with my newsboy cap, I kept things basic with a bold but cozy sweater and skinny jeans. To add a touch of masculinity, I also grabbed my heeled oxfords. These are an all-time favorite for me (flashback to wearing them back in 2013!). I wore them down, and eventually took them to a cobbler. They are originally from Payless, but I loved them too much to let them go. When you find something that just works, you want to keep making room for it in your wardrobe. It’s proof that “fast fashion” can last if you take care of it well.

~ Sarah

Sweater: Primark (similar)
Jeans: GAP Factory
Cap: Primark (similar)
Shoes: Payless (similar)

Winter Outfit Ideas

So I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it is COLD in Philly. Ridiculously so, to the point where I’m actually looking forward to 40 degrees and rain. So once more “normal” winter weather returns, I’m looking forward to playing around with more of my wardrobe. As usual, I’m looking to my favorite personal style bloggers for winter outfit ideas.

via Priya the blog

Priya gives me the inspiration I need to wear my flared jeans more often. (And I almost never wear them in the dead of winter!) I also have a near identical gray sweater that I need to wear with something other than skinny jeans and riding boots.

via Rachel Lately

I have a very similar cardigan (seen here), but I haven’t worn it with my chambray yet. A giant scarf in a punchy color would make this outfit even more fun during winter.

via Chelsea at Organized Mess

Admittedly, this is not the warmest outfit, but hey, that’s why we have winter coats! It’s so easy to get in a rut of leggings and sweaters this time of year, but if you layer right, you can still wear a colorful dress. Plus, I really need to remember to wear my gray Heattech tights more often.
You can find my winter outfits and posts here. What are your favorite winter outfits?

~ Sarah