Escape From New York

Philadelphia City Hall

During the holiday weekend, my boyfriend and I headed to his hometown of Philadelphia. It was a fun weekend, full of good people, great food and crushing sports defeats (for him, at least – I was glad to see the Pats win!).

There’s been an ongoing Philly vs. Anywhere Else debate going the length of my relationship, and since I’m a huge history nerd, so it was really cool to finally visit the Birthplace of America. I always love seeing places I grew up reading about.

Independence Hall

And did I mention the weather? When we got our tourist on Sunday afternoon, the skies were clear and the sunny shining. And it was in the mid-80s. Which was wonderful and all, but not what I was prepared for in my jeans and (Miami Hurricanes) t-shirt. So I did what any rational (style) blogger would do – I went to H&M.

Dress – H&M; Bag – my mom’s; Flats – Target; Finally Seeing the Liberty Bell – priceless.

Guys, butterfly print. In purple. For ten dollars, down from 25 bucks. Thanks, Columbus Day sale at H&M – I think I’m obsessed.

Thumbs up for freedom of the press, thumbs down for not facing the camera.

How did you guys spend your (hopefully long) weekend?

~ Sarah

Ahora Amo


finally coming home! ♡ seeing palm trees EVERYWHERE ♡ being able to see the horizon again ♡ Chili’s ♡ late-night texts ♡ night games at Joe Robbie ♡ over-priced concession stand food ♡ Beatles tribute bands ♡ the real Beatles too ♡ French fries ♡ girls’ night out ♡ Disney karoke ♡ trips to Publix ♡ pretzel M&Ms  ♡ glossy magazines ♡ impulse purchases in the check-out line ♡ lazy days at the beach ♡ playing in the waves for hours, and falling over like a little kid ♡ finding my mom’s vintage Ray-Bans after I lost them in the ocean (crisis averted) ♡ leftovers ♡ missing New York for the first time ♡ wanderlust ♡ already reading the same number of books I read last summer (1) ♡ listening to the radio in the car ♡


♡ not getting tired of hearing Adele on the radio ♡ my guy friends admitting that yes, “Rolling in the Deep” is a good song ♡ seeing my dogs ♡ playing dress up ♡ new wedges ♡ not having to do my own cooking ♡ FOOD, but especially rice and beans ♡ catching up with girlfriends ♡ having cable again ♡ watching Heat games in Miami ♡ ignoring ESPN after said Heat games even though I’m glad to have the channel again ♡ borrowing my brother’s nice camera ♡ my own set of apartment keys ♡ shopping malls ♡ passion fruit lemonade at Starbucks ♡ pink cake pops (also at Starbucks) ♡ my new haircut ♡ lining up guest bloggers for next week ♡ OMG guys, I’m going to Colombia! ♡ having so much to be thankful for ♡

— Sarah

Fashion Inspiration: Grand Central

The Chrysler Building may be my favorite skyscraper (see my previous Fashion Inspiration post here), but it is far from the only landmark in New York City. It’s the world’s largest train station in terms of tracks and the building itself is breathtaking. Don’t believe me? Check out these pictures:

File:Grand Central Station Main Concourse Jan 2006.jpg

File:Image-Grand central Station Outside Night 2.jpg

File:NYC Grand Central Terminal ceiling.jpg

File:Grand Central Terminal clock 2.jpg

Images via Wikimedia

And of course, don’t forget Serena van der Woodsen’s iconic entrance at Grand Central in the first episode of “Gossip Girl”.

Serena van der Woodsen Photo


I decided to put together a chic and spring-y outfit inspired by Grand Central. I love the starry ceiling, and that’s where I got my color palette.
Fashion Inspiration - Grand Central Terminal

Tank – Topshop; Skirt – Miss Selfridge; Woven Clutch – Carlo Fellini; Watch – American Apparel; Jade necklace & ring set – Dorothy Perkins; Peep-toe slingbacks – Payless.

I started with this loose, jade tank top tucked into a camel, vintage-inspired skirt. The matching necklace and ring take a cue from Grand Central’s ornate detailing. For some contrast, I added other pieces in brown. The wristwatch is reminiscent of the clock in the main concourse. The slingbacks are casual, but practical and the low heel adds just a hint of retro flair. For fun, I added this woven clutch but any purse – a cross-body bag or structured tote – would work well with this ensemble. Keep your hair and make-up simple, and you’re ready for a day in the city!

What do you think? Have you been to Grand Central? What other sites inspire you? Let me know!

☀ Sarah