Trailer Tuesday: The Virgin Suicides

I’ve never watched this movie, but I’m definitely intrigued. Kirsten Dunst and Sofia Coppola make interesting choices together, and this film is often included on lists of inspiring movie wardrobes. There’s something about the trailer at least that’s very ethereal and wants me to play some Fleetwood Mac. The Virgin Suicides is streaming on Netflix, so there’s a good chance I’ll cross this off my movie list shortly.

~ Sarah

Trailer Tuesday: Drinking Buddies

Last week, Nick and I watched Drinking Buddies on a whim after finding it on Netflix. Anna Kendrick is in it, which is mostly why I said yes (and we didn’t have any beers or ciders in the house, which is why I almost said no). I’m not entirely sure that the trailer fits the vibe of this indie flick — I’m not even sure I’d call it a comedy, which it seemed to market itself as. It’s not overwhelmingly quirky either, but I would say it’s melancholy. (I mean, Berger Ron Livingston is in it, so maybe I should’ve seen it coming?) I think Drinking Buddies is an ideal movie for a rainy night in when you’re not sure what movie genre you’re in the mood for. There’s some chuckles and there’s a few moments of poignancy.

Anyone else catch up with Drinking Buddies?

~ Sarah

Trailer Tuesday: American Blogger

How cool is this? Okay, I’m admittedly biased since I’m a blogger and have done academic research on bloggers in the past. Still, I think the blogging community is still undervalued — by brands and media consumers alike — so this should be an interesting look at really drives these women. And while I still prefer seeing movies in a theater, there’s something kind of cool about this being released via iTunes (not the most recent innovation, I realize, but I think it’s especially fitting giving the documentary’s focus).

Is this a movie you’ll be downloading?

~ Sarah