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The new rules for couples and technology.

Are “hyper-texters” more likely to engage in risky behavior?

In the U.K. a straight couple has applied for a civil union, which may end up helping the push to legalizing gay marriage.

Guaranteed to make you feel old: the cast of Harry Potter grows up.

The most common Facebook profile pictures– hilarious and so true!

I’m not a fan of Scarlett Johansson fan, but I’ll admit her SNL Millionaire Matchmaker spoof is spot on!

Scientific reasons why you should be watching 30 Rock.

Video Love 

Speaking of 30 Rock, the show’s hilarious creator/writer/star Tina Fey recently won the Mark Twain Prize for comedy. I didn’t watch the ceremony at the Kennedy Center, but even her Q & A is entertaining.

I don’t watch Glee but I love the show’s take on Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

A short movie about life on Facebook, featuring music by the Rolling Stones.

Which links are you loving this week?

~ Sarah

P.S. I changed my blog’s theme, though it’s pretty similar to my last one. I’m looking for a new header though, and I’ll gladly take any suggestions!

Y Soy Rebelde

With all this cold rain we’ve been getting in New York City, I can only be so creative with my clothing choices. Last week though, we had what I’m sure was one of the last sunny and mild days of the year. I took the opportunity to break out one of my favorite summer dresses. It was comfortable and my accessories (knee-high socks are big this fall) kept me warm enough as I ran around on another busy day on campus.

Blue Pashmina- Borrowed; Dress- Thrifted; Knee-High Socks- Little League Softball; Boots- Target.

The title of this post comes from the theme song of this telenovela I used to watch back in high school, Rebelde. Think Gossip Girl meets Glee, but set in a Mexican boarding school and with Latin pop. It was a cheesy, melodramatic trainwreck, but also managed to be a worldwide hit. Anyway, the point is those sexed-up Mexican schoolgirls were rocking knee-high socks way before they became trendy this fall.

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So that’s about it for now. How are all my great readers doing? Is anyone else in an unfortunate fall fashion funk?

~ Sarah

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Happy Monday! Enjoy this week’s Link Love!


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Time magazine asks: Have Texting Bans Made Our Roads More Dangerous?

Do you see the world in black-and-white or shades of gray? (I would say I’m a little of both, but that probably highlights my indecisiveness about… everything.)

From College Candy: must-see places for college students. I crossed one off my list this past weekend!

In light of the teen pregnancy “trend”, MTV’s Teen Mom stands out.

Pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts?! Yum! Maybe they sell them at Pop-Tart World?

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So I may be on a documentary kick this week. Don’t judge.

Which links are you loving this week?

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