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One of my girl crushes, Zooey Deschanel recently had an awesome, outspoken interview with Marie Claire for their September issue.

This was interesting: how Friends portrayed a different New York than that of Sex & the City and Girls.

The New York Times looks into how an alternative weekly in Miami broke the latest steroid scandal. (Bet they’re a bit jealous it wasn’t them.)

Geeky, but cool: the evolution of the New York City subway map.

Don’t forget, I also write for Lovelyish. Here are some of my most recent posts…

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Read any good articles lately?

~ Sarah

Fashion Inspiration: P.J. from My Boys





Thanks to Netflix’s Instant Watch, I get a chance to watch series I never caught on tv. One of these was My Boys, a sitcom about P.J., a sportswriter in Chicago and her group man-child best friends. The show was actually pretty entertaining (which is magnified by the fact you can watch the next episode, uh, instantly), and P.J. was a fun, relatable character.

P.J. also has a fun taste in fashion too. Her wardrobe is all about comfort, features lots of classic and simple pieces in bright colors. Here are sample outfits that I think P.J. would love in her closet:

My Boys Inspiration - P.J.
Button-down – Hollister; Jeans – H&M; Necklace – Macy’s; Lipgloss – Victoria’s Secret; Nike’s – DSW.

 P.J. loves a good button-down (plus henleys and tanks!), so I paired a striped one with trendy flared jeans. She also is constantly wearing sneakers, and these bright pink Nike’s add a nice contrast. P.J. often wears her hair in ponytail (Cameron Diaz’s one here is perfection) and a simple circle necklace. Swipe on a fruity lip gloss for a simple makeup look.

My Boys Inspiration - P.J. #2

Button-down, tank top – Old Navy; Jeans – Levi’s; Earrings – Juicy Couture; Flats – Oasis.

Another look P.J. often rocks is pairing a colorful tank with a button-down in a contrasting color – colorblocking at its easiest. Skinnies in a dark wash are comfortable and flattering. Add a girly touch with floral stud earrings and glitter cap-toe flats (I love these!).

Don’t forget your reporter’s notebook! Have any of watched My Boys? Would you wear these outfits? Let me know in the comments!

~ Sarah

P.S. Jeans are not recommended in this heat wave!

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From Southern Flair, a fun fall color to add into your wardrobe.

Style essentials for women in the U.K. I could use a few pointers!

The debate over Kate Middleton’s royal title begins. I’m sure we’ll have a similar problem in the U.S. once we elect a woman president.

For my blogging friends, reasons why our blogs suck (and tips to better them!).

Thank goodness for fall movie season! An early list of potential Best Director nominees.

Just in time for the holiday season, a message from the TSA, SNL-style.

Celebrities who’ve jumped the shark. I would certainly want to see a lot less of some of these “stars”.

Truths for Mature Humans. Word.

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