Lately: April 2016

PHL Blog Connect

Picture via Kendall’s Instagram — the PHL Blogger’s Blog Connect Conference was too fun!

Doing: Very little shopping this month! Yay?
Drinking: Iced citrus green tea lattes from Starbucks. So so delicious — I can’t help but order one when I go to Target.
Eating: Breakfast burritos from Wawa. Thanks for stepping up the breakfast game.
Loving: How late the sun stays up. Come on, summer! We’re almost there.
Hating: Pollen.
Listening: To some throwback Latin pop/rock. Rediscovering your music library from high school is a wonderful thing.
Reading: I read a James Patterson book, The Beach House, on a rainy day, because that’s what James Patterson is for. Next up? Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, which I picked up at The Blog Connect book swap.
Wanting: More plants in my house! I bought a little one at the grocery store last week, and now I want more. Between carpeting and two dogs, though, it’s probably not the best idea.
Watching: Nashville! I fell a bit behind, and I hope they can get at least one more season from ABC.
Wearing: My “He Votado Hoy” sticker. Happy primary day!
Wishing: This entire outfit would appear in my closet.

~ Sarah

Lately: March 2016

Doing: Some serious decluttering! My good friend and I tackled my room and office this weekend and my life already feels so much lighter.
Eating: All the jellybeans. Anyone else obsessed with licorice ones?
♦ Loving: That we are finally done with winter weather. Bye.
Hating: That it’s only Monday.
Listening: To Cosmo Happy Hour. Definitely still in a podcast state of mind!
Reading: I’m doing terribly at my New Years resolution! (I’ve only read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up so far.) I did really enjoy this column in The New York Times.
Wanting: Outdoor drinking weather.
Watching: ACS: The People V. O.J. Simpson. I’m a few episodes behind but it is riveting.
Wearing: My new favorite GAP Factory jeans.
Wishing: I still had a spring break. Who doesn’t though?

Lately: December 2015

We spent the Saturday after Thanksgiving exploring the Italian Market in South Philly! The weather was icky, but the pasta and the cannoli were amazing!

♥ Drinking: Tea au laits at La Colombe.
♥ Eating: Lots of zuchinni actually! (Well, compared to other veggies.)
♥ Doing: Some decluttering…but it never seems like enough!
♥ Loving: The mild fall weather!
♥ Hating: The lack of sunlight. (Though the aforementioned warmer weather has made it more bearable.)
♥ Listening: To Revival by Selena Gomez. I have a weakness for pop music, but I’m finding the whole album pretty catchy.
♥ Reading: The Billfold’s “How Gilmore Girls Do Money” series.
♥ Visiting: LOVE Park’s Christmas Village on my lunch break. The perfect destressor (as long as I don’t bring my wallet).
♥ Wanting: To open my Christmas presents!
♥ Watching: Gilmore Girls. Nick has never watched it and ended up getting hooked partway through my Netflix re-watch. We’re on season 7, but then we have to go back to the beginning!
♥ Wearing: These ponte leggings way too often. Also, my new Uniqlo sweater at least once a week. (Can I have all the colors please?)
♥ Wishing: It was Christmas! My mom and brother are coming up, and they’ve never spent Christmas up here. So exciting!

What is everyone up to?

~ Sarah