I Hate Valentine’s Day

… okay, I guess that’s kind of a lie. My hatred towards this holiday has abated over the last couple of years, but it’s far from a favorite. It’s not because I’m single and bitter or whatever. It’s a lot of little things that bother me about Valentine’s Day. The candy, for example? Not the best. And the fact that people get so wound up and dread every year – why does a holiday create so much misery? This many people don’t hate Halloween or Christmas or, I don’t know, Passover. Valentine’s Day breeds stupidity like no other holiday – and that includes New Year’s Eve, because people do so many dumb things leading up to the 14th.

Then there’s the “romantic” gestures. I don’t find cheap red roses or boxes of chocolate very romantic. And who would want to go out to dinner at a restaurant so crowded you can’t even hear your date? There’s just so much pressure, and I would rather celebrate a relationship because I wanted to, not because society and Hallmark did. Not that it’s bad to celebrate love, but I don’t think it should be coerced; it should be encouraged every day. And yes, I am one of those lovey-dovey, overly-affectionate and huggy people that says “I love you” and “te amo” at the end of nearly every conversation with my loved ones, and means it.

Oh, and I also don’t like pink all that much. Eh, it’s okay. My personal Valentine’s Day tradition? Wearing black. That’s my way of being a sourpuss without insulting everyone. Or at least trying. But this year, since I was actually in a decent mood, I mixed up by wearing black and white striped shirt. Big step.

Shirt- Macy’s; Pendant- Black Market Minerals.

I was this close to wearing a pink lucite heart necklace, but that would’ve defeated the purpose, so I added my new favorite pendant. It’s hard to tell since it’s cat-eye, but it’s purple and awesome. Oh, and if I’ve depressed you too much about today, you should cheer up by reading this New York Times article about a snow queen finally marrying her king. So sweet – it’s not like love is dead or anything! Anyway, for my lovely readers, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day if that’s your sort of thing, and if not, happy Monday!

~ Sarah

Walking the Walk

Just a few hours ago, I talked the talk when it came to my football team. Too bad my team didn’t walk the walk. The game was a bloody mess and it was hard to watch. Now, I’ve already written about the 5 stages of being a sports fan, but now I can you can see firsthand my emotional downfall, for lack of a better word.

Yeah, it wasn’t the best Saturday night… Things we’ve learned after this weekend in college football:

– the SEC is going through a power struggle right now, but it’s still the best conference in the game

– the state of Florida pretty much officially belongs to the Florida State Seminoles, dammit

– the ACC is just a wild, wild mess- typical

– with all of the undefeated teams and strong one-loss teams, BCS bids are essentially up for grabs

That’s football for you.

~ Sarah

5 Stages of Being a Sports Fan

This has not been a good month for me as far as sports go. Seriously, it’s been one disappointment after another: the Gators eliminated the Hurricanes from the College World Series, the Marlins’ relief pitching keeps getting worse while their bats cool off, and the Lakers won the NBA Finals. And if you know what’s good for you,  you won’t ask me about the U.S.-Slovenia game. Please, just don’t. (On a side note, this World Cup is doing a great job at reminding Americans why we tend to hate on soccer: lots of melodramatic players, blown calls, several ties, and some completely scoreless games. Americans love winners, so we have issues with draws- just saying.) It’s hard being a sports fan sometimes: emotions are constantly in flux. You don’t just root for some team on the field/court- it’s your team! So, now my breakdown of the five stages of being a sports fan (when your team loses):

1. Anticipation

You know the feeling- it’s right before the big game. All those expectations- good and bad- are floating around in your head. Your thoughts just become a series of “what if” questions. What if the team isn’t healthy? What if the defense sucks? What if we were playing at home? What if we lose? What if we win? When the anxiousness and the excitement of anticipation starts getting to you, you know it’s time for the game to begin.

2. Frustration

Things aren’t going according to plan! The defense is being sloppy. The offense isn’t producing. And the refs- what’s up with them? What was the coach thinking? The game is already out of reach. No one’s head is in the game- except for you, the fans who are grinding their teeth.

3. Euphoria

Your team is staging the comeback of the century! The first half/five innings/three games of the series has fired up your star player. Things are finally going your way. That goal/basket/homer has finally tied the game! And wait- there’s enough time for you to actually win! Imagine that!

4. Anger

They blew it- the refs/umps, the players, the coaches! Whoever it was, it doesn’t matter. That’s it- it’s over. Sure, your team probably shouldn’t have been losing in the first place, but after that epic comeback… Why do they even bother? Your team is a tease, flirting with victory.

5. Acceptance

Who are we kidding? Ask any England fan (1950 World Cup), Boston Red Sox fan (Bill Buckner), Miami Hurricane fan (2003 Fiesta Bowl), or Yankees fan (2004 ALCS), we can and will continue to mourn (read: rant about) that game until the end of time.

~ Sarah