The Alumna Returns to Her Campus

It’s really weird to think about, but I became a college alumna two months ago today. That same night, I left New York for my new life in Philadelphia, and I haven’t been back since. Now that’s really crazy.

Next weekend though I can finally change that. The reason? Well besides the need for face-to-face human interaction and a serious empanada craving, it’s also time for the 2nd Annual Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference. I was part of the Her Campus branch at Fordham since my sophomore year, and I love HC’s commitment to empowering college women, with a good measure of entertainment thrown in.

I had a great time last year (and did some serious bonding with the wonderful Darci Miller), but I’m excited to attend all the panels and workshops with the slightly-new perspective I have as a post-grad. Plus, it’s a great networking opportunity (I even ordered my first-ever business cards!), and who knows, maybe I’ll have a career epiphany of my own.

Not to say it’ll be all work and no play.

Interested in learning more about the two-day conference, or even attending yourself? Visit, and maybe I’ll even see you soon!

~ Sarah

Monday, Monday

Shirt – IZOD (hand-me-down) (similar shade); Skirt – French Toast (via Cookies) (shop almost exact, similar); Sandals – Payless (exact; similar) .

While last week I may have had my first day of work, this is the first week I’m working Monday thru Friday. Ever. It’s almost like I’m a grown-up.

Waking up at 6:15 6:30 comes with its adjustments. I should be going to bed by ten if I want a full eight hours. I have to pack lunch and a snack for work (which I finish eating by 11:30) and make dinner when I get home. (Tonight I’m trying my first slow cooker recipe to see if that helps with the cooking department. In other news, I’ve aged two decades in two weeks.)

I also have a dress code to abide by, but after semesters of balancing class and interning, that’s nothing new. If anything, the bigger adjustment is feeling comfortable in business casual (emphasis on the casual in my office) as the weather gets warmer. Sometimes a girl just wants to feel pretty and polished, you know?

That’s where my midi skirt came in. It’s not as restricting as a pencil skirt — because wearing things fitted on my waist and loose at the hips make me feel that much better about my muffin top — but just as suitable for work. And yes, this is meant as a school uniform. You have to get creative like that when shopping.

Also thanks to Sarah at Think Twice Style for the color inspiration — my salmon tee would’ve never been my first pick  to match, but I love how it makes the navy summery. Plus, the pleats match…well, close enough.

~ Sarah

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Another First

Dress – LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s (shop similar); Pumps – Payless (similar).

Something pretty exciting happened between the last time I blogged yesterday morning and tonight, and I’m not just talking about the Pretty Little Liars season premiere. (But could you blame me if I was?) This morning, I started my first real job. Well “real” if you count that it’s actually paid, which is really awesome, but it is a part-time temp gig. But hey, that’s the economy for you. #recession

In all seriousness though, this job is just what I needed and I’m super grateful. Plus I have no idea what I’d actually like to do day-to-day, so this buys me some time while helping me pay the bills. And it eases me into the “real world” because let me tell you, I was so not prepared for my 6:15 alarm this morning.

When it comes to dress code though, I usually find the first day to be more intimidating than an interview. At interviews I’m almost supposed to be overdressed and have trouble walking in heels. On the first day? I want to be comfortable, fit in with everyone and make a good impression. And what’s better for that than a flattering print wrap dress? I don’t know because it’s probably not in my closet.

~ Sarah

P.S. I rode the subway today and it was glorious.

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