School Colors

Maroon & Gray

Shop: Dress. Scarf. Sweater. Jeans. Skirt.

 This weekend I’m trekking up to the Bronx for Fordham’s homecoming. I’m actually super excited to be back at my alma mater, and I’ve been outfit planning for weeks now (packing on the other hand…). Luckily, I’m a huge fan of our school colors (fun fact: maroon and gray were also the colors at my middle school, go Cougars!).

Gray is a great neutral, especially for fall, but I’d say it’s a nice alternative to white during the warmer seasons as well. Maroon works well as a complement to gray, and there’s so much potential to mix-and-match. Plus, it’s just a rich, luxe color. It all makes for some stylish school spirit.

Go Rams!

~ Sarah

Almost Birthday Girl

Birthday Wishlist

My 24th (!!) birthday is around the corner, which means cake, gifts and a visit back to my alma mater (my big day falls on our homecoming). Even though I’m a little bit older, I still get pretty excited about birthdays, but actual presents are far and few between as each year goes by. Maybe it’s because having a steady income means I can just treat myself? It’s less fun though.

Anyway, if you happen to be doing some shopping for me (or someone similarly awesome), may I suggest:

And of course, Target gift cards are always accepted (who could turn down a one-stop shop for groceries and clothes?).

~ Sarah

Fashion Inspiration: Road Between


If I had to pick my summer soundtrack, it would easily be Road Between, Lucy Hale’s debut country album. Depending on who you ask, I don’t listen to much country (though I have seen the Eli Young Band in concert!), so I bought this album on a whim when I saw her promoting it on Twitter (she plays Aria on Pretty Little Liars and recorded her album in her spare time).

Road Between is fun and infectious — Lucy Hale actually sounds like a singer, and I love playing the album all the way through, on repeat. I can’t even remember the last time I purchased an album in full (maybe 2004, but don’t quote me), so it was a good surprise that I keep playing it (and singing along)!

I ended up putting together a couple country-inspired outfits based on my favorite songs on the album — they’re stylish but casual enough for your next summertime outing!

Fashion Inspiration: "Love Tonight" By Lucy Hale

Shop: banglesbelt; top; shorts; boots.

“Love Tonight” is a sassy song about a fun fling, and I wanted a funky outfit to match. The base — a textured tank and cutoffs — become a lot more interesting with the laser-cut belt and Western-inspired bangles. The cutout booties add another trendy, but country, touch and would be great for a night out dancing.

Fashion Inspiration: Lucy Hale's "Red Dress"

Shop: dressbeaded necklace; midi ringssandals.

Well, it’s no surprise that an outfit based on “Red Dress” features, well, a red dress (this one is a halter, but any red sundress would work). These comfy sandals are ideal for “dancing in the moonlight ’til the break of dawn,” a lyric referenced by the crescent moon midi ring. The red beaded necklace adds another flirty touch.

Have you listened to Road Between yet? Any of these outfits your style? If you’re a fan of either the songs or the clothes, check out this article featuring outfits inspired by the album’s lead single, “You Sound Good To Me.”

~ Sarah