DNC Tees Under $25

Whoops, it’s  accidentally been a quiet month around here…it’s honestly been too hot to touch my computer after work, and I’ve been watching nonstop convention coverage. In case you’ve missed it on the news this week, my fair adopted city has been hosting the Democratic National Convention. I haven’t been in thick of it, but it’s exciting to see the press and delegates enjoy their visits here — especially after we hosted the Pope last year!

There’s been lots of cool events town with the DNC here, and the city seems to have a good relationship with the DNC. One of the more fashionable things that have come out of this partnership? These neat graphic tees designed by local artists.

DNC 2016 Graphic Tees Under $25

Shop: Duke & Winston Donkey Kick | Lisabeth Webers See Eat Vote | Duke & Winston Liberty Bell

My love for graphic tees is well-documented — I think they make awesome mementos! I haven’t bought one from the DNC just yet, but these are the final contenders. They’re quirky and support small businesses, plus they’re under $25 and made in America.

Any favorites? Have you been following the conventions?

~ Sarah


Silk blouse – thrifted; red corduroys – Kohl’s (gift); leopard print flats – Charlotte Russe (hand-me-downs).

Don’t let my brand-new red cords fool you – I couldn’t have been more relieved and more proud to hear the results of the presidential election last night. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to get it together – Mr. President, Congress, I’m looking at you. Forward, America.

~ Sarah

P.S. On a much more shallow, fashion-related note, I love everything about this outfit, and my hair is so long, you guys.

*thanks for the photo, Katie!