Ahora Amo: Home Edition

So it’s actually been over a year since I’ve done one of these posts, but I figured it was the perfect way to recap my trip home last week, especially with my Instagram photos.

♡ going to the new Marlins stadium – and getting to watch the roof open after the game ♡ being able to wear jeans to a ballgame! In Miami! ♡ (overpriced) Key Lime chicken tacos ♡ seeing the Miami skyline ♡ Cuban food on Calle Ocho ♡ my new Miami Marlins shirt

♡ seeing my momma again ♡ taking an excessive amount of photos of my Shih Tzu Lucy, a.k.a. Panda ♡ catching up with awesome friends from home

♡ annual beach trip with Brittany ♡ lunch by the beach ♡ perfect beach weather ♡ pina colada smoothies ♡ the beach!

♡ lots of good eating with said family & friends (like Pei Wei and Olive Garden!)

♡ a cartoon of Hipster Dwyane Wade ♡ watching the NBA Finals in Miami (but not in person, of course!) ♡ getting stuck watching Game 2 at a Chili’s and losing the satellite (and then the electricity) because of a thunderstorm – makes for a good story!

~ Sarah

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Central Park Boathouse

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends from home (hi Daniela!) came to visit New York. We spent one afternoon with some of my school friends in Central Park. We decided to be totally clichés and rent rowboats. It was quite…an experience. It was actually lovely, even if I’m not an Olympic rower, and the weather and lake were beautiful!

Nancy was the most capable rower of us all.

Photo from Nancy.

Nancy, I can’t thank you enough for capturing this moment.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!

~ Sarah

French Riviera

And then a month later, I blogged about Nice and Monaco…


Oh hey, no makeup
Côte d’Azur

Monte Carlo Casino

Just wanted to share a few (ok, a lot!) of the last leg of my spring break trip! But guess what? I’m already on summer break! (I had the biggest breaks when it came to my final schedule.) Hopefully this means I can hop back on the blogging bandwagon.

~ Sarah

P.S. Happy belated 21st birthday to my friend Nancy!