Ahora Amo

A collection of all the small things that I love at the moment… ♥

♡ sunflowers ♡ catching up with friends from home ♡ Pretty Little Liars ♡ these Pretty Little Liars recaps on Grantland ♡ homemade chicken burritos ♡ productive Sundays ♡ Pinterest ♡ Instagram ♡ Shirley Temples ♡ reading on long subway rides ♡ dainty tea cups ♡ scones ♡ freshly painted nails ♡ Creamsicle Oreos ♡ McDonald’s apple pies ♡ rainy & humid afternoons spent in museums ♡ space plush toys at the AMNH ♡ wearing pendant necklaces ♡ baking ♡ summers in New York

Happy Monday!

~ Sarah

Classical Music, French Bread & Juice Boxes

On Monday night, I met up with my friends Christine and Alyssa at the Great Lawn in Central Park for Philharmonic in the Park! It’s a New York tradition that went on hiatus last summer (bummer). The New York Philharmonic plays in parks in every borough over the course of about a week., and I was excited to cross it off my New York bucket list.

It was a lovely evening of friends, good conversation, a French baguette, apple grape juice and ice cream (for dessert!). Oh, and heat and humidity, but that’s summer for you. And some creeping on some really fancy picnic set ups. You better believe we’re going to be prepared come next year.

Really excited about my juice box!

And the best part? Fireworks!! But no classical music during the fireworks show? Missed opportunity, people.

~ Sarah

Scenes from a City Weekend

I spent a great (and exhausting) weekend wandering around New York and exploring a few new-to-me neighborhoods. On Friday, I explored the Bronx a bit (Norwood, above) while on assignment and ventured all the way to Queens to see my dear friend Christine.

Saturday, I slept in unreasonably late, then headed to Midtown. I spent the late afternoon and evening catching up with friends who are living in the area for the summer, before booking to Grand Central and catching the Metro-North back to school.

On Sunday, I went to see the children’s show The TRUF is producing (playing until July 14!). Between shows, I got some fresh air and walked around Tribeca a bit. I also saw the construction of the Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center site. It honestly looked stunning in the late afternoon sunlight.

 Oh, and I also drank lots of sugary soda, even though I know better. Old habits and whatnot.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

~ Sarah