Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, everyone! At my house, we celebrate on Christmas Eve, so I had to get all spiffy tonight. Or you know, as dressy as you can get when it’s 82℉ – that’s unseasonably warm, even for South Florida. I wasn’t really sure what to wear for Nochebuena, but my mom’s friend gave me a bunch of hand-me-downs, and once I spotted this green, applique blouse, my search was over. To keep things casual but fun, I added this black, ruffled skirt and a pair of wedges.

Blouse, Skirt – hand me downs; Watch – Fossil; Hairpin – unknown; Wedges – Payless; Nail Polish – Red Riot by Brash (Payless).

We had a big dinner – latkes included! – and opened gifts. My most exciting gift I opened a couple days earlier, when I was with my dad – a brand new Canon Rebel. My camera box isn’t near me, and I’m too lazy to get it at the moment, so I don’t  know the exact model. But the important part – I have a DSLR! I was going to ask for one when I graduate next spring, so it was totally unexpected.  I’ve been starting to play around with it a little, and here are some of my favorites so far:

Tomorrow, I’m just watching basketball all day long – go Heat! My family and I also may go to this Hanukkah celebration my town is having – why it’s scheduled on Christmas Day is a little beyond me. All the fun, Christmas-y stuff is over though. I always found Christmas to be a little bit anti-climatic – I guess that’s the Grinch in me!

How are you all spending your holiday weekend?

~ Sarah


As depressing as it was to see snow before Halloween, this has easily been the most glorious fall I’ve seen since moving to New York. The clear skies have never seemed bluer, and the sunshine has never seemed brighter. I’m still getting used to seeing the leaves change, and when the rays hit them just right, the leaves seem to almost glitter.

I’m still without a camera charger, so I took these photos on my phone. They don’t really capture the magic of it all – campus looks beautiful. Now, I just need to find a pile of leaves to jump in.

~ Sarah

P.S. Strangely enough, my suitemate just told me today she has a blog of her own, Cyniquentially! She takes photos of pretty things and yummy food!

Escape From New York

Philadelphia City Hall

During the holiday weekend, my boyfriend and I headed to his hometown of Philadelphia. It was a fun weekend, full of good people, great food and crushing sports defeats (for him, at least – I was glad to see the Pats win!).

There’s been an ongoing Philly vs. Anywhere Else debate going the length of my relationship, and since I’m a huge history nerd, so it was really cool to finally visit the Birthplace of America. I always love seeing places I grew up reading about.

Independence Hall

And did I mention the weather? When we got our tourist on Sunday afternoon, the skies were clear and the sunny shining. And it was in the mid-80s. Which was wonderful and all, but not what I was prepared for in my jeans and (Miami Hurricanes) t-shirt. So I did what any rational (style) blogger would do – I went to H&M.

Dress – H&M; Bag – my mom’s; Flats – Target; Finally Seeing the Liberty Bell – priceless.

Guys, butterfly print. In purple. For ten dollars, down from 25 bucks. Thanks, Columbus Day sale at H&M – I think I’m obsessed.

Thumbs up for freedom of the press, thumbs down for not facing the camera.

How did you guys spend your (hopefully long) weekend?

~ Sarah