Link Love

Link Love

We finally made it to Friday! I swear, every day this week I woke up thinking it was Friday, and now here we finally are! I don’t even remember the last time we had sun in Philadelphia, so I think the week especially dragged. It didn’t help that I ended up getting sick either. The highlights? A fun and informative PHL Bloggers social media presentation hosted by Amber from Ember + March and a fun dog training session (Zamboni and Arya slept the rest of the night, it was wonderful). Anyway, let’s get to the links!

Why a post-breakup haircut is so empowering.

If you haven’t read Selena Gomez’s GQ interview or Taylor Swift’s Vogue interview yet, you should get on that.

Super interesting: how Philly neighborhoods got their names.

Why are we so obsessed with adult coloring books? (Also, I haven’t even tried this trend yet.)

This is fascinating: the truth behind athletes and dating apps.


Link Love


In honor of Women’s History Month, learn about these Latinas who conquered Old Hollywood.

After reading about the making of Crossroads, I totally had to watch the movie for the first time — so much great ’90s stuff!

Another great movie from that era? Bring It On.

From Popsugar, how to deal with dark spots. (Apparently Latinas are prone to them, boo!)

Rent the Runway now has an unlimited option. Totally not a fit for my lifestyle, but I can see the appeal.

I’ve been an Elisa Benson fan girl for a long time (she’s the social director at Cosmo and Seventeen) I loved this interview with her by Her Campus.

Too good: the day that blew up the Internet, a retrospective. (One word: llamas.)

Important news for my fellow Philadelphians: a French fry bar is opening in Rittenhouse.

~ Sarah

Philadelphia Flower Show

Explore America Flower Show - Shades of Sarah

Earlier this month (during our March heatwave actually) I attended annual Philadelphia Flower Show. It’s a big local event hosted by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. This year’s theme was Explore America, in honor of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary. I’m not the most outdoorsy person, but I love flowers and it’s absolutely crazy what people can do with plants.

Flower Buffalo - Shades of Sarah

This cool buffalo greeted people at the entrance! Adorable, right?

Liberty Bell with flowers - Shades of Sarah

Because Philadelphia, obviously.

Floral chandelier - Shades of Sarah

This awesome floral chandelier was one of my favorites!

Flower hat - Shades of Sarah

Now this is a gardening hat (sorry, such a bad pun)!

Tulips flower show - Shades of Sarah

Tulips are my favorite.

Orchid flower show - Shades of Sarah

This orchid was stunning.

The Flower Show was definitely a good experience, but since tickets are on the pricey side, I’m not sure I can make this an annual tradition (even this year, my friend and I got free admission through another friend). I can also see how I would appreciate the warm and colorful environment even more if we were in the middle of a real winter! Either way, it was a great way to spend an evening after work — sometimes I forget how nice it is to just walk and talk. (Speaking of which, wear comfy shoes!)

~ Sarah

P.S. This is post 501! What!!