Post Grad

Dress – Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s (shop similar, two, three )

Happy Friday! It’s been awhile, but I’ve been busy! Some updates:

♦ I GRADUATED!! I have yet to upload any photos of Senior Week though, so here’s a picture from our graduation photo shoot.

♦ I moved to Philadelphia!!

♦ I’m…yet to-be-employed. But hey! So are most people.

♦ I’ve had a SERIOUS case of writer’s block. Or I’m burnout. Either way, unproductive. Speaking of which…

♦ I’m STILL unpacking. It’s been like 11 days. Nick (the wonderful boyfriend who took me in rent-free in exchange for home-cooked meals) is ready to kill me. Our kitchen looks beautiful though, especially these salt and pepper shakers.

♦ My third blog anniversary is tomorrow!! What. (Related: I graduated from high school four years ago today!) Don’t expect a post BUT a lot more will be coming next week. Promise. Including my first-ever giveaway.

Stay cool in this heat wave/stay safe with all this extreme weather happening!

~ Sarah

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