The Hidden City

The past two weekends I have done my best to scope out potential Philadelphia friends by volunteering at The Hidden City Festival. It’s not a traditional festival by any means, but over the course of several weekends, history and art nerds have a chance to see new exhibits and installations in historical sites off the beaten path. (Because there are only so many times you want to see the Liberty Bell.)

The site I volunteered at Sunday was incredible. The space was Global Dye Works, a former yarn-dying factory that opened in 1865. Granted that’s relatively young for Philly, but still, 1865. The installations were housed in the old boiler room, and while they were interesting and quirky, the factory floor just felt like a movie set. So cool.

I definitely missed out by not having my DSLR, but I was still able to capture a few cool shots with my phone. I love Instagram, I feel like since I started using it over a year ago I’ve gotten more creative with my photography (and not just through filters). I just pay a lot more attention to detail now I think.

The exhibit also got me started on some of the other things I want to see in Philly this summer (Welcome America is a given). So of course, I made a list to keep track:

Did I miss anything, Philly readers? Any fun festivals near you?

~ Sarah

Another First

Dress – LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s (shop similar); Pumps – Payless (similar).

Something pretty exciting happened between the last time I blogged yesterday morning and tonight, and I’m not just talking about the Pretty Little Liars season premiere. (But could you blame me if I was?) This morning, I started my first real job. Well “real” if you count that it’s actually paid, which is really awesome, but it is a part-time temp gig. But hey, that’s the economy for you. #recession

In all seriousness though, this job is just what I needed and I’m super grateful. Plus I have no idea what I’d actually like to do day-to-day, so this buys me some time while helping me pay the bills. And it eases me into the “real world” because let me tell you, I was so not prepared for my 6:15 alarm this morning.

When it comes to dress code though, I usually find the first day to be more intimidating than an interview. At interviews I’m almost supposed to be overdressed and have trouble walking in heels. On the first day? I want to be comfortable, fit in with everyone and make a good impression. And what’s better for that than a flattering print wrap dress? I don’t know because it’s probably not in my closet.

~ Sarah

P.S. I rode the subway today and it was glorious.

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Works of Art

Dress – Target (shop exact); Bag – Fossil (gift) (shop exact), (shop similar tote, similar crossbody); Wedges – Payless (shop similar).

Last week, I made an exciting discovery: I live within a mile from a Target. That’s within walking distance! That’s good news for my waistline, bad news for my wallet. During my first trip I was mostly good, picking up a few things for the house (including a crockpot), but I couldn’t resist this dress in the girls’ section.

It’s hot pink lace. I don’t know why it didn’t photograph true to color, but I promise it’s a vivid pink (like on the website), not a tickle-me-pink variety. I knew once I bought it I was going to save it for a date at the museum on the weekend. Pieces like my brown wedges and bag complement the pink and tone it down at the same time.

Sunglasses – Ross (shop similar).

I love this outfit (except my lack of a racerback bra) because it involves some of my new favorite things. Like my precious Fossil bag, courtesy of Nick as a graduation gift. Now that I’m supposed to be a grown-up, it was time for a classic, quality, versatile bag. It doubles as a tote and a crossbody and I’m determined to make it last forever even though I use it every time I leave the house because it deserves to be seen.

I kind of feel the same about my new sunglasses. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of brown cat-eye sunglasses for years, and I don’t think my perfect pair exists, but at $3.99 this pair was worth settling for (thank goodness there are Ross stores in Philly). And before I forget, these wedges were comfortable enough to walk up the Rocky steps, so there.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

We only spent about an hour in the art museum, but it was pay-what-you-wish on Sunday so I still think we got our money’s worth. We spent most of our time looking at the collection of Monet’s (and other Impressionist works) because hello. So colorful and springy and perfect. (More eloquent words on Monet have been written).

The parkway & skyline

George Washington

University City

For dinner, we went to Mad Mex, a Mexican place in University City. (A block over from this street, but how pretty.) We were starving, so no Instagrams of the meal were taken, but it was pretty good. Not as good as my favorite places back in South Florida, but with the prices, I can’t complain. (Ok, I can — they don’t serve refried beans. It boggles the mind.) And the white wine sangria? Two thumbs up.

Dinner was followed up with a walk around the neighborhood/UPenn campus. We also saw a subway station (above) and I was super excited. I miss the D train. And the Bronx.

Any recommendations for the next Philly neighborhood I should explore?

~ Sarah