I’m A Real Frederick Zoller

I would have to say one of the better parts of living in the Northeast during the fall is being able to actually wear the latest fall fashion trends. (As any South Floridian will tell you, the heat and humidity linger most of the year. It’s not conducive to wearing nice boots, coats, etc.) This year, my favorite trend is easily military inspiration. It’s easy and casual, which appeals to my inner tomboy. Plus, I can see many of the items now in stores working for a safari style come summer.

Here are some sort of recent outfit shots featuring the military trend:

Striped Top- Material Girl (Macy’s); Shorts- Unionbay; Tights- Target; Boots- Target; Bag- Bueno; Wayfarers- Chinatown; Pendant- Borrowed.

I love this outfit! So far I only wore it when I was out and about in D.C. in early October. It was comfortable and stylish. I was a little nervous about wearing my olive green tights (I didn’t want to look like Peter Pan!), but I think they are a great alternative to skinny cargos. This is also an easy way to try the fall shorts trend- the key is to keep the shorts loose. The purple frames were worn to add some color. Hopefully I’ll get the courage to wear this outfit on campus, but with the dip in temperatures, it may have to wait for winter in Florida.

Button-down shirt- Self-Esteem; Striped Top (Underneath)- Material Girl; Jeans- Polo; Rosette Earrings- Colombian street vendor;  Fedora- Target.

Another really comfortable outfit! I layered my striped shirt (which I’m obsessed with) under my army green shirt to keep myself warm. I love the look and feel of this shirt, plus the color brings out the green in my eyes. I wanted to wear this with my gray skinnies, but they need to be washed, so just use your imagination. Oxfords (also seen here) complement the masculinity of this look, but once it gets colder I’m going to have to wear boots. I wore my favorite orange rosette earrings to add a colorful, girly detail to the outfit. Finally, the fedora is one more  fun accessory for today.

Military Trend #1

Striped Dress- Dorothy Perkins; Belted Jacket- Uniqlo; Patterned Tights- Betsy Johnson; Oxford Heels- Rocket Dog; Heart Pendant- ModCloth.

Start with a swingy striped dress in black and camel (one of the season’s trendiest shades). Pair it with an olive green jacket- I choose this belted one. Tan oxford heels add a preppy, masculine twist to the look. Add black patterned tights for extra warmth. Keep the accessories simple- I think this beautiful goldtone pendant would really complement the olive green.

Military Trend #2

Sweetheart Dress- ModCloth; Navy Jacket- Debenhams; Tights- Pret-A-Beaute; Boots- Target.

I don’t know why I created two outfits based on dresses- it was completely unintentional. I guess that just shows you how versatile the classic dress/jacket/tights canvas is. In a way, this look has more colors than the first: navy, cream, olive green, and black. However, these all act as neutrals so while the colors are daring, they shouldn’t be overwhelming. On top, navy and white are a great combo. The jacket’s buttons play up the military look (though I kind of wish they were brass). I love the simple shape and color of the dress combined with the girliness of the detail. To complete the look, slip into tights in olive green (the color always adds a military vibe) and comfortable knee-high boots.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the military trend? Will this convince to try to incorporate it more? Would you wear outfits similar to these? Let me know in the comments!

~ Sarah

The Invention of Swagger

Miami QB Jacory Harris leads postgame celebration after taking charge of the Hurricanes’ victory over the Sooners in Miami.

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Back home in South Florida, fall generally means one thing: football season. In many ways, it’s the best time of the year back home, no matter you root for. While I’m at school, I can’t really go to any big-time football games, but my weekend routine has remained the same: plenty of football, not enough studying.

This gameday is a bit different though: tonight’s the 55th meeting between the Florida State Seminoles and my Miami Hurricanes. You can bet that I’ve been asking myself why I didn’t go home this weekend: there’s no place I’d rather be tonight than Joe Robbie Stadium. The UM-FSU rivalry is one of the greatest in the game (though I know the lovely ladies at Free Honey may disagree) and fans across Florida look forward to it every year. It’s a game that never lacks drama, and now that both teams are ranked in the Top 25, the relevance is there too.

Throwback: God, I love football. And my team. U of M, UM, UMiami, Suntan U, Quarterback U, whatever you want to call my team, you should know it’s all about the U.

What’s your favorite college football team? What do you think is the best rivalry?

~ Sarah

P.S. I also wanted to share my gameday outfit!

Fedora- Target; Shirt- Target; Swagger- The University of Miami.

Y Soy Rebelde

With all this cold rain we’ve been getting in New York City, I can only be so creative with my clothing choices. Last week though, we had what I’m sure was one of the last sunny and mild days of the year. I took the opportunity to break out one of my favorite summer dresses. It was comfortable and my accessories (knee-high socks are big this fall) kept me warm enough as I ran around on another busy day on campus.

Blue Pashmina- Borrowed; Dress- Thrifted; Knee-High Socks- Little League Softball; Boots- Target.

The title of this post comes from the theme song of this telenovela I used to watch back in high school, Rebelde. Think Gossip Girl meets Glee, but set in a Mexican boarding school and with Latin pop. It was a cheesy, melodramatic trainwreck, but also managed to be a worldwide hit. Anyway, the point is those sexed-up Mexican schoolgirls were rocking knee-high socks way before they became trendy this fall.

Photo Credits: 1, 2

So that’s about it for now. How are all my great readers doing? Is anyone else in an unfortunate fall fashion funk?

~ Sarah