Well, we made it to Friday after a hell of a week. Every time I have started writing this post in my head, I have emotionally exhausted myself and tried to put the thoughts aside. I’m an emotional, sensitive person, but I try to keep this space positive. However, it is ultimately my space, and since I process things best by writing, I’m going to write what I want when I want. Just like I did after Aurora. And Virginia. And now Orlando.

This isn’t about me, but I don’t think it’s out of the ordinary to relate to some tragedies more than others. Newtown. Boston. Charleston. San Bernardino. These all hurt, but some hit closer to home for some people than others. That’s Orlando for me. I grew up three hours away and have many happy memories there. It’s a city of joy and escape for millions. And now all I can think of is the terror.

And the victims. The names, the faces, so many sound and look familiar because they were part of one of my communities, the greater Latinx community. This was a hate crime on multiple levels. But what all the victims had in common — Latinx, black or white, LGBTQIA or ally — is that they had gone out for a night of dancing and fun and the freedom to be themselves. How could there be so much anger and hate over love?

That is something I don’t understand, and I don’t want to understand.

Here is what I understand: I am heartbroken. I am tired. I am angry.

I am heartbroken for what the victims, the survivors and their loved ones have lost. Their lives will never be the same. I am heartbroken that a place of safety and acceptance was exploited.

I am tired of seeing these stories in the news, only for them to fade the headlines within days. I am tired of people staying silent.

I am angry with politicians who send their “thoughts and prayers” instead of springing into action. I am angry with politicians who actively work to limit the rights of LGBTQ people, as well as other minorities. I am angry that people continue to perpetuate hate, instead of fighting for love and equality.

Enough has been enough has been enough.

I hope that there will finally be some action, instead of empty words. I am tired of waiting. I hope other people out there are also tired of waiting. I’m passionate, but I don’t want to tell you what to think. That’s not my place. But if you’re also passionate about these issues, do your research. Get involved. If we and our elected officials don’t do anything about this, it sends the message that we’re ultimately okay with this. And guess what? I’m not. I am tired of this. This is not what I want my country to look like. But I truly think it’s the realist in me that believes love always overcomes hate.

Arya was featured in the Philly PAWS 2016 Calendar for June, Pride Month.
Arya was featured in the Philly PAWS 2016 Calendar for June, Pride Month.

~ Sarah



I had another post planned for today, but with the news out of Virginia this morning, it didn’t seem appropriate. It’s a tragedy, the way Charleston was a tragedy, and Sandy Hook and Aurora and Columbine before that. That’s not even close to a comprehensive list, which is so, so twisted. I try to keep this blog a happy place, and not as heavy on the feelings as it has this week, but man. This particular shooting hit me harder than some others (again, the fact that there are “others” — sick), and it’s not just the manner itself. I know a good amount of people working in journalism, broadcast journalism included. The thought that any of my acquaintances or friends could be hurt while doing their job, (not even covering a dangerous situation, but a story on local tourism) makes me feel like someone kicked me in my stomach.

Recently, I was thinking about next year’s elections, and I realized that the youngest voters will have been born in 1998. They don’t really know a pre-9/11 world, or a pre-Columbine world — they know the “war on terror” and mass shootings at schools and movie theaters and churches and shopping malls. One of my first memories of television was the Oklahoma City bombings. I was four years old. This is wrong.

It might seem flippant to associate this whole event with a trivial thing like Star Wars quote, but it was the first thing I thought of when I read that today’s gunman was “motivated” by the Charleston gunman, who had been angered by the way George Zimmerman was treated. What kind of cycle is that? I’ll leave the arguments about gun control and mental health to other (hopefully smarter) people, but can’t we just collectively as a society stop with the hate? There is no reason why we should fear each other for being different, or continue to perpetuate anger against our fellow man. It only leads to suffering.

Rest in peace, Allison and Adam.

~ Sarah

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