New York Fall

Paisley Dress and Layers

Dress – Hand-me-down (similar fit); Scarf – DIY (similar); Cardigan – Old Navy (similar on sale!); Tights – Target (exact); Boots – Target (exact).

Paisley Dress and Layers
Infinity Scarf and Layers

Since I’m working two jobs on Black Friday, traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday to see my family in New York wasn’t really an option (never mind Nick and I originally had plans to see a football game in Pittsburgh). So instead, I made a quick trip last week to hang out with my grandpa and eat lots and lots of Asian food.

I also had the chance to catch up with my dear friend (and new blogger!) Christine, who kindly snapped these pictures of me in Madison Square Park. When I travel, especially by bus, I like to pack light so I can shop more. The solution here was one cardigan + 2 dresses + 2 pairs of tights + 1 pair of boots. (I love how these tights bring out the moss green in the paisley print.) It worked well except last Wednesday turned out to be downright frigid.

There’s also a good chance I’ll recreate this outfit tomorrow since it’s food baby-proof. Speaking of which, happy Hanukkah and Thanksgiving*!

~ Sarah 

*if applicable 🙂

Ahora Amo: Her Conference Edition

It’s been over a day since I’ve been back in Philly, but I think I’ve finally recovered enough from the whirlwind that was the 2nd Annual Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference to write about it. Here are the highlights, as told through my Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.01.16 PM

On the way to Day 1.

That first day was kind of a blur. It was an early morning (early enough that I ended up doing my makeup on the LIRR) and I was running late and had to hail a cab to get to the conference in time to grab some breakfast. I attended two panels in the morning — the first on public relations and marketing, the second on creating a sort of life plan.

I chose the marketing panel because it’s a field I know nothing about, but as I search for full-time work, I find myself applying to more marketing assistant-type positions. I also love using social media, but I tend to approach it more from a journalistic perspective, so I’m interested in the other end too. It was very overwhelming though, because there was just so much vocabulary and the like I’ve never been exposed to before. It’s a learning process I suppose. Though since I felt so discouraged afterwards, the second panel did not help me build my career confidence.

Here’s the thing about conferences — they are awkward and overwhelming by nature, and Her Campus events especially are filled with passionate and motivated young women. Which is amazing, but also kind of intimidating. That was Saturday. The highlight of the day was a screening of Girl Rising, a documentary on the importance of global girls’ education. It was inspiring and definitely put things in perspective.

Day 2. Accurate.

After working off my nerves Saturday, Sunday went a lot better. For one, I had an easier time introducing myself to people and spotted some more friendly faces. The panels I attended were great too. The first was on blogging (hello, perfect) and the second was another on life planning. This one had a positive impact on me, especially as I try to kickstart my career. Again, great timing, Her Campus. The keynote speeches were also especially awesome.

Other things I loved during #HerConference:

♡ getting my hair did ♡ listening to inspiring women ♡ all the tea ♡ swag bags ♡ learning more about new media ♡ networking ♡ reconnecting ♡ finding motivation ♡ being back in New York ♡ free Chipotle ♡

For my fellow attendees, what did you think of the weekend? Let me know!

~ Sarah

The Alumna Returns to Her Campus

It’s really weird to think about, but I became a college alumna two months ago today. That same night, I left New York for my new life in Philadelphia, and I haven’t been back since. Now that’s really crazy.

Next weekend though I can finally change that. The reason? Well besides the need for face-to-face human interaction and a serious empanada craving, it’s also time for the 2nd Annual Her Campus National Intercollegiette Conference. I was part of the Her Campus branch at Fordham since my sophomore year, and I love HC’s commitment to empowering college women, with a good measure of entertainment thrown in.

I had a great time last year (and did some serious bonding with the wonderful Darci Miller), but I’m excited to attend all the panels and workshops with the slightly-new perspective I have as a post-grad. Plus, it’s a great networking opportunity (I even ordered my first-ever business cards!), and who knows, maybe I’ll have a career epiphany of my own.

Not to say it’ll be all work and no play.

Interested in learning more about the two-day conference, or even attending yourself? Visit, and maybe I’ll even see you soon!

~ Sarah