pink lace dress with denim jacket
Is two months to the date too late to share my birthday dress? Well, if you’re interested, I’m sharing my love for it over on Kaity’s blog this week.

If not, I leave you with this picture of the view from Manhattan’s Morningside Park, just a few weeks before the leaves turned.

Morningside Park in September

~ Sarah

Christmas In New York

I’m sure you’re all over the holidays because it is already mid-January, but whatever, I really wanted to share these pictures. My senior year of college I didn’t have a chance to do any classic New York Christmas stuff, so I was determined to this year (well, last year). Despite the crowds and some transportation issues, it was a great escape, and I loved seeing some of my college girl friends. Also, Shake Shack.

~ Sarah

P.S. By the way, Katie and Nancy, I’m sorry the picture I had taken of you guys was horribly out of focus!

Link Love

Link Love


Actor Paul Walker, the very private star of Hollywood’s ultra-successful Fast and Furious franchise, passed away this weekend. If you’re going to read one “in memoriam” piece about him, may I recommend this exploration of his different passions from EW.

Gothamist takes a look at what it’ll take for the South Bronx to gentrify.

A new book studies children who believe they have been reincarnated — freaky to say the least.

Pop Culture

My love for Love Actually has been documented here before so of course I loved this Buzzfeed “which character are you?” quiz.

If you haven’t read Joe Jonas’ “open letter” (more like rant) to NY Mag, you’re missing out.

The Hunger Games (spoilers)

A super-interesting take from NPR on the Katniss-Peeta relationship.

Related: I loved this hysterical roundup of all the times Peeta messes up in Catching Fire (thanks, Vulture).

And I know Jennifer Lawrence is the Oscar-winner among the cast, but I agree with R29: Jena Malone stole the show.


Alicia from River City Chic has a great list of 9-5 essentials.

My bestie Christine gave the wardrobe from The Emperor’s New Groove a winter twist, and it’s awesome.

And the guilt-inducing story of the month: a look at the textile industry’s dangerous practices in India — and the extent garment factories go to cover it up.

~ Sarah